Breastfeeding helps prevent cases of sudden death even when partial

Breast milk is much more than the first food the child receives during its first years of life. Breastfeeding baby It is also prevention against numerous infections, development of the motor apparatus of the jaw thanks to the movement of suction, create a bond between the mother and the small and a long etcetera. The benefits of breastfeeding are no secret.

Some benefits that are achieved even though this be partial. Breastfeeding the baby only during its first months already helps to reduce the likelihood of sudden death in the infant. Proof of this premise is provided by the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, which has been published in the journal Pediatrics where it is shown how partial breastfeeding contributes positively to the smallest.

Increase in protection

To analyze the influence of breastfeeding on sudden infant death, this group of researchers analyzed eight previous studies. A review of more than 2,200 cases of these deaths and more than 6,800 babies who formed the control group. Breastfeeding for at least two months was associated with a reduction of half the risk of these situations.

In cases where he breast-fed for four months he provided the protection against sudden death was even greater. A sample that invites mothers to breastfeed their children as much as they can as there are women who, due to various problems, can not breastfeed their children during all the time recommended. Part-time breastfeeding is also beneficial for babies.

In addition, this research again demonstrated that breastfeeding offers immune benefits that help prevent viral infections. Preventing these problems helps the cases of sudden death reduce. "This study provides some evidences very firm about the benefits of breastfeeding in relation to the protective effects against sudden infant death, "concluded John Thompson, one of the authors of this research.

Breastfeeding and work

As we have seen, even partial breastfeeding has benefits for the baby. Therefore we must bet on a reconciliation between work and breastfeeding. One solution to this matter is to express the milk and give it a posteriori. These are some tips to give this food after removing it from the breast:

1. The milk can be tempered slightly by placing the container tightly closed under the jet of hot water. It can also be done by partially submerging the bottle in a container of hot water, taking care that the water level does not reach the mouth of the bottle. Never heat it directly, either on fire or in the microwave, since, in addition to burning the baby, direct heating destroys the antibodies it contains.

2. Gently remove the milk to mix the fat well and to homogenize the temperature of the whole milk. It is advisable not to shake or shake it sharply.

3. Do not store the milk that the baby has already tried, discard it. That is why it is important that when freezing the milk you do it in small portions, to avoid wasting it.

4. If not enough milk has been removed to complete a shot, it is best for the person caring for the baby to first offer the breast milk and then the artificial supplement. This way you will get the most benefit from the extracted milk.

5. In case the baby is premature or needs special care, it is advisable to consult with the pediatrician or another lactation expert before applying these measures in the infant's diet.

Damián Montero

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