How to report an attack of school cyberbullying

The attacks and aggressions that occur in the educational centers are increasingly frequent in our current society, producing a "drip" constant cases of bullying in any territory of our geography, whether public, concerted or even private centers, shocking public opinion and, even worse, tormented minors with increasingly younger ages.

There are many current initiatives and lines of work aimed at address the problem of bullying in the classroom, not only through specific programs and methodology, but also resource guides and intervention materials in educational centers, together with informative manuals and general recommendations addressed to all agents of the educational community.

These methods of prevention, resolution and conflict management, based on the application of peer mediation, models already experimented in numerous educational centers, have been effective and valid only in very incipient and initial situations of confrontations or controversies of low intensity.

However, they are not valid or convenient when the victim is being exposed to a Prolonged abuse over time and it entails a clear situation of imbalance of power between equals, that is, between the aggressor and his victim; especially, in those cases in which the representation of a violent action based on evident cruelty is present, and not a problem arising as a consequence of relations between students or as a result of mismanagement of school coexistence. In these cases, mediation is not possible.

Therefore, it is inevitable to ask the question if everything is being done or, on the contrary, we are missing the solutions proposed or the initiatives presented.
These questions or questions acquire more resonance and concern, logically, in the affected families, who watch and attend astonished, as year after year, the attacks and attacks on minors continue, becoming something recurrent in the news media, reviving memories and fatal experience for those who also crossed their children, victims of this authentic social scourge.

Bullying, what should parents do?

At this point, if the parents are aware, we have signs or suspicions that our son may be subject to a bullying attack, how should we act on it? what should we do; What is the first step to adopt?

Since the Attacks, aggressions and harassment have their origin in the heart of educational centers, our first action must be properly addressed to them, in order to notify the existence of these facts and thus initiate the mechanisms of internal action and protocols of specific action against cases of school bullying, foreseen for these situations.

This is essential to elucidate and demand future responsibilities, if subsequently, the result of investigations and events, it is discovered that the school did not act diligently and failed to comply with its obligations of control and monitoring of minors under its custody and, therefore, not prevented the conduct of criminal behavior of harassment.

At the same time, we can continue our actions, interposing the corresponding complaint, if we know the identity of our son's aggressor and providing the pertinent evidence that we have gathered of the existence and truth of such aggressions.

And if the harasser is less than 14 years old?

However, these situations are complicated if at the time of the behavior the stalker is less than 14 years old and, especially, if we are in the presence of crimes committed through the Internet, especially those that affect the rights of minors in matters of data protection and the right to privacy, honor and self-image; in which case, for the correct defense of victims' rights it is necessary to have specific knowledge and tools for working on this problem, becoming familiar with the new technological environments and risks of ICT.

In this case, we are facing a double problem: on the one hand, the minor harasser will not be held criminally liable, since he is under 14 years of age at the time of the events, although yes civil liability may be required for the damages and losses caused to the parents, guardians, caretakers and legal or de facto guardians of the minor harasser; and on the other, we must bear in mind that the Police and the Civil Guard act as observers, do not intervene in judgment, so it is essential to provide technical reports prepared by expert experts, that is, computer experts, who will track and They will detect the footprint that the harasser has left on the Web, in search of evidence, files and digital evidence that can support and support a judicial accusation against the harasser.

This is so since cyberbullying is the conjunction of a series of behaviors and repeated aggressions, lasting and continuous over time, so a simple screenshot of facebook or whatsapp, or any other means, is not enough to the judge can assess the existence of these facts and, therefore, prosecute the conducts derived from them; therefore, the intervention of these external professionals or computer experts is fundamental.

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Ricardo Lombardero Calzón. Lawyer, Mediator and Coach. Co-founder of Lomber Soluciones Cyberbullying.

Video: Cyber-bullying prompts parent to file police report

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