Symptoms on the outside but origin in the interior, allergies that lurk at home

The child goes outside and begins to experience symptoms of allergies. However, when reviewing the possible agents that can provoke them, none of them is the culprit. So what can you do? The answer is behind the door of the house, in the home where he lives day to day. In this environment there are many agents that can cause these health problems.

Among the most common the allergy to mites, tiny beings that in these cases become terrible companions of housing that can make children not enjoy either in the home or outside it by dragging the symptoms abroad. To the parents of all these minors the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America offers this compendium of answers to the possible questions related to this matter.

Is it an allergy to mites?

The first question that all parents should ask themselves is whether it really is the mites that actually produce this allergy. For that, nothing better than looking at the symptom and in the moments when they occur. These problems are manifested by signs such as sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itching of the throat or ears, hives, swelling of the eyelids, itchy eyes and cough, whistling (sounds similar to whistling that occur when breathing) and lack of breathing

As said, these symptoms can occur both inside and outside the home. But they are more common when the child has spent several hours at home and even after night, moment in which the child has been sleeping next to all these allergen agents.
These are some elements in the home that can be the habitat of mites:

- Mattresses and pillows

- Upholstered furniture

- Carpets and rugs

- Curtains

- Stuffed toys

All these elements must maintain a normal hygiene and especially be free of dust. Whenever there is this dirt, it is very possible that mites are also present. In case the symptoms become more aggravated, even maintaining a habitual hygiene, the specialist can recommend the use of medicines in order to make the allergy less aggressive.

Pets and allergy

Another possible allergen inside the home, and that can accompany us outside are the pets. From the Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Pediatric AsthmaIt is explained that animals such as the cat, or the dog, habitual companions and that can cause cause allergies after direct or indirect contact.

Dandruff of animals is the main cause of animal allergy. The scales that form the pets after renewing the skin remain floating in the air, and people breathe, which can suffer allergy symptoms. Other substances They give allergy can be found in the saliva of animals or in their tears.

In these cases should be used a rescue treatment when symptoms appear, a preventive treatment according to the severity of symptoms, and there is also immunotherapeutic treatment with vaccines against some animals. Specialists always recommend to decide under the supervision of a expert.

In case of not remitting the symptoms, it can be assessed reduce the contact of the children with the animals as necessary. It is recommended that the pet does not enter the room of the minor allergic, and that under no concept sleep there. It is convenient to ventilate all the rooms of the home often.

Damián Montero

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