Summer camps abroad: 8 unique advantages

Living with the classics of other cultures, developing intellectual capacity, fostering social relationships and learning to be autonomous are some of the main advantages for children in summer camps abroad, an opportunity for linguistic immersion.

And it is the best way to learn a language in its place of origin, and nothing better than to take advantage of the summer to escape abroad to live in a camp with other children or young people of the same age. Summer camps abroad are an excellent option to strengthen language skills and practice speaking and listening.

Christian Samuelsson, director of the Ertheo Education and Sports consultancy, says that "giving your children the opportunity to participate in a summer camp abroad is a highly recommended option." Having a personal experience of that nature is an added value at the time of facing new projects in his future ".

8 unique advantages of summer camps abroad

1. They learn the language while having fun: Children learn more English while having fun and these camps allow them to increase their level. They have other activities that make them fun experiences, so they increase their language skills almost without realizing it.

2. It involves a complete linguistic immersion: Studying a language in the country of origin is the most effective way to learn. The students are immersed in the language 24 hours a day, thus favoring a rapid assimilation.

3. Encourages cultural exchange and fosters respect: They allow you to know the cultures of different countries and look at yours with a different perspective. This helps the child understand and respect other cultural and gastronomic customs and lifestyles.

4. Establishes international relations: Students will have the opportunity to make friends of different nationalities with which to practice the language once the camp is over. In addition, it supposes a global network of contacts for the future.

5. They gain autonomy and independence: For some young people the fact of leaving Spain can be a difficulty. Beginning with a summer camp makes them step up at an early age and children gain autonomy, independence and maturity.

6. Develop cognitive abilities: Language learning is the basis for developing other faculties such as intelligence, communication skills, creativity, mental flexibility and social skills.

7. Enrich your future: More and more companies are appreciating that candidates have studied abroad and have a good level of English.

8. They offer an unforgettable experience: Few experiences are comparable to those experienced in a camp. These programs abroad are a unique opportunity to learn languages, meet new places and people and, ultimately, develop as people.

Anglo-Saxon-speaking countries such as England or the United States are some of the most popular destinations. "The combination of language immersion with sports activities and cultural excursions is perfect for young people to enjoy their holidays and have fun while perfecting the language," says Samuelsson.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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