Methods to detect the most fertile days of women

Knowing which are the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle is usually a great help for women, especially for those who are looking to become pregnant. To know which peak of fertility of each menstrual cycle there are different methods, ranging from the most traditional, such as the basal temperature, to the most modern, such as electronic bracelets.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages and, of course, its own characteristics, to better adapt to your habits and preferences.

Methods to detect the most fertile days of the woman's cycle

1. Basal temperature. When ovulation arrives, right in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the basal temperature of the woman's body increases by half a degree, and it remains elevated until the next menstrual period. In order to observe this small change, it is necessary to take the temperature every morning and if possible at the same time. So we can detect when they will have the next fertile days.

2. Cervical mucosa. The appearance and consistency of vaginal discharge can also be an indicator of fertile days. Due to the ups and downs in hormone levels, the consistency and color of the cervical mucosa varies throughout the ovarian cycle. During the fertile days, the mucosa changes and is clear and elusive, instead of opaque and thick. Women who have more flow can observe these changes more easily.

3. Fertility applications. Currently, it is easy to consult or download an electronic fertility application of the many that exist to consult on your mobile or tablet. These calculators of fertile days facilitate the monitoring of the menstrual cycle and detect the average duration of the same. This method works well with women who have a regular cycle.

4. Ovulation tests. They are similar to pregnancy tests because they identify the fertile days of the menstrual cycle by means of a urine sample. The ovulation tests analyze the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) present in the urine, since a day or two before ovulating, the LH increases. That is when the ovulation tests are positive. This method is more complicated for women with irregular menstrual cycles because it leaves little time between the detection of the HL peak and the termination of the fertile window.

5. Electronic bracelets. They monitor, while the woman is asleep, the physiological parameters through the symptoms that indicate that the body is preparing to ovulate.

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