Children's bedroom: how to turn it into a safe place

What doubt is that safety is a very important task for parents? Avoid the possible dangers that can cause harm to a child is a job that will keep away many bad moments: visits to the hospital, cries of the child, injuries that keep away from the game, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for the fact that the home is the first place free of accidents for children.

Especially in those rooms where you will spend a lot of your time, such as the child's bedroom. The youngest of the house spend much of their lives in this room, whether playing, sleeping or doing homework. Parents will have to have several points in mind in order to ensure the safety of their children in this area.

Beds and cots for the children's bedroom

As has been said, the child's bedroom It is one of the places where the child spends the most time because it is precisely there where he sleeps. Both the bed and the cot must be taken into account to avoid accidents during the night. In the case of the bed of babies, these are some of the advice offered by pediatricians:

- The best position for babies is mouth upa because otherwise there is more instability and causes more insecurity.

- Soft objects in the crib should be avoided at night, such as stuffed animals or cushions.

- The protectors, Apart from being soft objects, which are fastened with ribbons, can serve the child to climb.

- Cushions should not be used in order to avoid plagiocephaly (flattening of the head).

- The space between the cradle slats It must be less than 6 centimeters.

In the case of the bed, the change of bed will never have to occur while the child measures less than 90 centimeters. In order to avoid falls, you can place some kind of railing. A carpet or carpet can be placed next to the mattress to reduce the impact in case the child falls to the ground.

If you opt for a bunk To put the child to bed, the first thing to keep in mind is that any child under 6 should not sleep in one of these beds. The stairs to access the second level of these beds should be well secured and the bed frame of this area must be well secured to avoid falling on top of who sleeps under.

The bunk should have a four-sided protective bar and measures 16 centimeters in height with bars separated by 7 centimeters. Parents should watch that children do not play on top of this bed as it could cause an accidental fall.

Other elements of the children's bedroom

Along with the beds, there are others elements that should be taken into account in the nursery to avoid accidents. One of them is the shelves, which should be fixed to the wall at the moment of placement and checked periodically to warn possible cracks in the fasteners.

Other elements of the children's room, such as the windows, must have elements that prevent their complete opening to prevent the child from falling into a vacuum. The presence of elements such as furniture or bedside tables in areas close to their frames should be avoided so that minors can not climb and approach the hole where the fall is possible.

The doors must have systems that prevent their close compleThis way, it will be avoided that if the child puts his hand through the holes, he can pinch his fingers and cause some injury.

Damián Montero

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