Content on the Internet, when the integrity of children is compromised

The Internet is a gigantic world. All kinds of content can fit on the network, from useful information for studying or carrying out school work, going through others to have fun and ending up in others that can compromise the integrity of the kids. There are numerous pages that encourage children to perform activities as dangerous as self-harm.

This is what the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia, CAC, who has asked for the removal of various Internet content that can seriously compromise the lives of children. Some of them encourage the youngest to create groups with which to participate in very dangerous activities in which actions as serious as suicide are valued.

Videos, blogs and forums

From the CAC is alerted that these contents appear in different ways, but especially highlight videos, blogs and forums. In several of them there are people who recommend to young people mechanisms with which they can self-harm and cause damage. With these speeches the mind, adolescents are encouraged to perform these actions, compromising their integrity.

Therefore, in the presence of these contents, it is intended to alert families so that they know what children see on the internet. "Identify these contents, combat them with all the legal instruments that we have at our disposal, demand that the regulations adapt to the new scenario and offer tools and resources to families and to the minors themselves so that they can also face them from the information and critical reading", says Roger Loppacher, president of the CAC.

Attitude of parents

Loppacher also notes the importance of parents maintaining a most active attitude in relation to the use that your children make of the internet. Parents should always keep an eye on their browsing history and ask what they visualize when browsing their offspring. Adults should also be aware that this material exists online and that it is possible for young people to see it.

At this point, parents must ensure the safe use of their children online. To achieve this, these are some tips:

- The computer always in the living room. It is not recommended that children have a terminal in their rooms as this helps keep all content they visit private.

- Review the history to see the contents that the little ones have visited.

- Create a profile in social networks and add the account of the children to know their activity in these platforms.

- In the case of smartphones, let the children know that there will be a revision sometime.

- Remember the importance of privacy. The little ones should know that the internet is not a private place, any shared photo can end up at the other end of the world.

Damián Montero

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