Achieving ideal weight helps prevent migraine

Having a correct weight is a mission that every person should look for not only for aesthetic reasons. Achieve the Body Mass Index, BMI, suitable helps to prevent numerous diseases such as diabetes and ensures to keep away very serious problems such as obesity and all the conditions that are related to this condition.

Now, an investigation carried out by the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, has discovered that having an ideal weight also helps prevent migraine in people. A new reason to go out to exercise and to monitor what you eat on a daily basis.

Importance of lifestyle

The researchers analyzed the data obtained in 12 studies where a total of 300,000 people were observed. The numbers obtained from this review indicated that those individuals with obesity were 27% more likely to suffer from migraine than those who maintained a correct BMI.

These authors emphasized that fatty tissue is a endocrine organ and as such it affects the production of certain proteins and hormones in the human body. An alteration in it can cause a different inflammatory environment and end up making the person more predisposed to migraine. Of course, this relationship does not prove whether a loss of weight could reverse this situation.

An obese person has already altered his fatty tissue and therefore the production of hormones and proteins. A reduction in the BMI of these individuals may not reverse this change and maintain the predisposition to migraine in patients. Researchers say that this new line of research should be exploited in the future and encourages people to maintain a healthier lifestyle from a first moment.

Going out on the street instead of staying at home is also a good method of avoiding migraines since being outdoors is always better than staying in front of a screen. A balanced diet will ensure to avoid alterations in the fatty tissue and therefore maintain a correct production of proteins and hormones in the body.

Migraine treatment

Migraine is very difficult to treat and once the aches and pains It is complicated to relieve the pain sensation. However, yes you can fight to prevent the appearance of these episodes trying to avoid the symptoms that end up causing headaches:

- Carry the same hours of meals and sleep, since the alterations of them can produce migraine attacks.

- Try to control the levels of stress, since it is an important trigger of this pathology.

- Take the medication as soon as possible.

- Go to the specialist who will make a diagnosis and explain the treatment and measures to take.

Damián Montero

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