Injuries in children, how to avoid affecting them in their day to day

Sport is very necessary in the lives of children. Staying active is an obligation in the prevention of health problems and for this the football, swimming, or basketball are good options to fight sedentary lifestyle and make the physical activity more attractive for children.

However, in sports practice it is possible that some injury derived from the lack of sports equipment or a bad heating. Some situations of serious enough for the young people since their day to day is affected by fault of these events. However, we must know how to proceed so that these incidents affect as little as possible the routine of those who suffer them.

Be prepared

It is always recommended that in the team or in the sports center where this sporting activity takes place there is a plan to deal with the injuries. From a small kit, to a person in charge of checking the state in which the child has been. Accesses to the site must also be easy for an ambulance to enter in case a transfer to a hospital is required.

You should also check that these kits are complete and that they do not have deficiencies after their use. Acting quickly will be the difference between a serious injury or a case in which there is no need to regret great misfortunes. Begin the treatment or sooner will shorten the recovery periods allowing the return to the routine as soon as possible.

The day to day of the injured

The first step for the injured child is to adapt to their new situation. Know that for a while you will have to take things differently and that there will be things you can not do, such as practice sports. However, other issues such as shopping, going out for a little walk are possible. You just have to acclimatize yourself to it and always keep in mind that these moments do not mean staying at home keeping rest, unless it is strictly necessary.

It will be necessary to know the limits of the child in these situations. For example, if the injury is in the leg, the child will not be able to play with his friends in activities that require a great movement. But you can have fun in many other ways enjoying exercises that do not involve a big movement.

In some cases, before there is a recovery to 100%, it is possible to return to the practice of sport carrying special equipment. There is a possibility that these items cause some discomfort to the children who use them. But you must get used to doing these activities in this way since they will be completely safe.

Damián Montero

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