The successful Icelandic plan against the bottle that now arrives in Spain

The alcohol It is one of the great dangers that threaten the youth. Seen as a tool with which to appear mature and as a tool with which to get accepted socially. However, the intake of these drinks by adolescents only manages to create in them long-term health problems and the onset of a serious addiction.

To prevent young people from falling into this problem, it is necessary to implement measures in order to prevent the consumption of alcohol in these generations. Plans like Youth in Iceland, a program promoted by the Icelandic government and that managed to face the bottle in this country. Now this tool is beginning to be implemented in some areas of Spain.

Youth in Iceland

This Icelandic program opted for a joint initiative between institutes, parents and authorities of the country to raise awareness among the youth about the danger of the botellón. On the part of the government, stricter laws were instituted against those adolescents caught drinking alcohol or establishments that sold these substances. Even a curfew was supported based on an excess of extracurricular tasks to avoid activities with the presence of ethyl products.

Although these measures may seem harsh, the success was resounding and in Iceland it was possible to pass from a 48% of adolescents who abused alcohol to only 5%. Youth in Iceland has also been shown to be effective against other products harmful to the health of young people such as tobacco, since it has gone from 23% of smokers in these ages to 3%.

Adaptation in Spain

Tarragona will be the first area in Spain where the Youth in Iceland plan begins to be implemented. As indicated in Health Social Responsibility, several students of institutes in this territory have already answered a survey where they reveal their habits in leisure activities answering simple questions such as: "Do you drink alcohol?", "Do you smoke occasionally?", "Do you spend time with your parents?"

With this information it is intended to recognize the land where it is going to implant this program against the consumption of alcohol. Depending on the consumption made by minors in this area, the authorities will act and the measures will be more or less severe. "From Iceland they propose a different work method from the one that has been carried out until now, a bottom-up work, based on the community, on all those key agents that are in order to be able to change the living conditions and improve the well-being among our adolescents. ", explains Patricia Ros, director of the Addiction Prevention Service of Tarragona City Council.

Fill your free time

As has been said, Youth in Iceland is based on joint work between authorities, institute and parents. The first entity is responsible for enforcing the Law in this regard, the second and third have the mission of occupy the time of their children to avoid dangerous exits. On the one hand, schools must provide activities for midweek afternoons and educate young people about the risks of alcohol.

For their part, parents must participate actively in the form of leisure of their children from small. At early ages they should be encouraged to participate in healthy and sporting activities that are presented as alternatives to large bottles. Making them see that there is a better way to have fun and without danger to their health will create a very beneficial routine for them when they grow up.

Damián Montero

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