3 styles of chairs and strollers: light, comfortable and sporty

The demands of parents and their lifestyle has been transformed over the past decades and their tastes when choosing chairs and baby strollers as well. This is how the first light chairs, made with materials such as aluminum and designed to fold easily and fit in the car boot.

And later, the comfortable strollers for families who spend a lot of time away from home and, finally, sports strollers and chairs for parents who love sports.

Today the offer of chairs and baby strollers It is as varied as the needs that parents have to cover. The strollers are safe and have the necessary retention devices. Most have, in addition, elements available to adapt them to the car. And manufacturers brands include in their models of strollers and strollers a wide range of products to make life easier for large and small, such as walking bags, rain bubbles, umbrellas and scooters for older siblings.

The light ones: chairs and strollers that weigh little

The carts can gofrom 5 to 15 kg. For those families whose daily lives are full of activity, the most advisable is a model that weighs little and folds well. They need it for short distances where lightness and comfort prevail. They want it to fold with ease. And they ask not to have to make a big effort each time they load the trunk. And what about those buildings without an elevator? These are specially comfortable cars for the day to day in the city.

BUGABOO BEE3. The urban car

Designed specifically for parents who live life on the fly, the Bugaboo Bee3 for babies and children includes a lightweight, easy-to-carry carrycot to explore the city without disturbing your baby's sleep while sleeping and an extendable hood that offers even more protection. Its covers and its range of colors offer combinations and creative options with style to change the image, while the enlarged shopping basket offers more space for your things.

Extraligero, compact and fast, keeps you both moving, adapting
to any form of transportation. In addition, your unique chair grows with the child stretches, rotates and reclines in just a few clicks. Its folding in one piece with the chair makes it easy to fold, carry and store in smaller places.
And that is precisely why the Bugaboo Bee3 is so extraordinary and the perfect match for urban adventurers.


City is the basic model of the series Loopi by Casualplay. Ultra-compact and lightweight, it is designed to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Its adjusted measures together with its folding system type book, make this stroller fits any elevator or trunk.

It is suitable for use from 0-36 months and has a polyester fabric with Certificate
International Oeko-Tex Standard 100, removable and washable.

Both the handlebar and the footrest both have adjustable positions.

The hood is large and extensible and incorporates a surveillance window. The folding is done 'book type' in a movement with automatic locking. The backrest, reclining up to 150º, provides comfort and rest for the child.

gb POCKIT +. Hand luggage

Narrow aisles, small shops or old elevators * Any found
with this type of impediments in the city. The new Pockit + of the ultra compact line of gb change the rules, fitting perfectly into the lifestyle of modern families. Pockit + It offers innovative functions that make walking around the city and traveling with children much easier.

It has a reclining backrest and fits perfectly in a bag or even as cabin luggage on the plane. It offers a mechanism of simple folding and ultracompact that takes him to occupy only 32 x 20 x 38 cm. Once folded, it becomes an easily storable and independent package.

In a matter of seconds, it goes from being pushed to being led. With only 4.9 kg of weight and adjustable swiveling front wheels, the Pockit + is easy to carry, even with just one hand.

The comfortable: very comfortable chairs and baby strollers

For those families who love to go for a walk, the best option is a stroller that ensures the comfort of the baby. We need you to be happy, at times sitting, at times lying down, others asleep, to serve us, if necessary, improvised highchair and, incidentally, allow us to carry it with everything necessary for a day outdoors.

Adan families like to spend many hours away from home. No need to travel by car or open and close the cart every time. The important thing for them is that the baby does not accuse the rhythm of the rest of the family members and can keep their moments of sleep and wakefulness with complete peace of mind.

BUGABOO BUFFALO. The all-terrain car

Designed specifically to perform in all areas, the Bugaboo Buffalo It is indispensable for those parents who love discovering things. It does not matter if it is a complicated road through the urban or cross-country jungle. This Bugaboo stroller feels at home both in the city and on the hardest roads.

Versatile, sturdy and spacious, the Bugaboo Buffalo, which folds into one piece, has several luggage options, a very spacious chair and an extendable top for added protection from the elements. No matter how hard your expedition is, you will always have a smooth ride.

RECARO CityLife. A new way to travel

The stroller CityLife de Recaro It combines an elegant design and easy handling with great comfort. The front swivel wheels are very agile and allow you to move comfortably in any space. In addition, the mixture of materials makes the wheels are solid and resistant, puncture proof and off-road. Its folding mechanism is very simple and can be done with just one hand.

The carrycot has a small window that opens with a magnet, very comfortable and practical and the handlebar can be positioned at different heights. In combination with the Citylife carrycot, this stroller is suitable from the birth of the baby. Finally, note that it rests completely including the feet, so that it is completely horizontal.

BRITAX B-READY. Because life changes

Children grow and families increase. So that we do not have to continuously change the stroller, Britax has launched the new B-Ready, a stroller that adapts gradually to the changes that occur in families, since it can be used from birth to 17 kg, by one or two occupants, of the same age or different.

The secret lies in the possibility of adding an additional seat, a carrycot or even a baby carrier in the lower part of the chassis.

Sports cars: chairs and all-terrain baby strollers

Being a father is not giving up the sport and now baby strollers put it on us
easier because there are already adapted models that allow us to combine two tasks:
Go running and walk the baby. Children enjoy the outdoors very well, reassure them,
it favors the assimilation of vitamin D and calcium, enhances its defenses. And the parents
They are happy to maintain their sports practice and download tension with their child nearby.

The sports models have large wheels that adapt to any terrain and work with a structure as a particularly stable tricycle. Their utility for the service they offer is maximum and they are very manageable in the environments for which they are
destined. A success for sports families.

BUGABOO RUNNER. The extension athlete

Designed taking into account the needs of active parents, the Bugaboo Runner It comes in two versions: as a complete stroller to practice running or as an independent chassis for current owners of a Bugaboo, offering an athlete extension very easy to attach. It has a spacious and easily accessible shopping basket, which will keep all your things in place during the race. In addition, most accessories are compatible with the stroller.

One of the exclusive functions of Bugaboo is that you can choose to place the chair in the position looking at you or looking at the world. What are you waiting for? Run free!

The Bugaboo Runner is designed for children from 9 months up to 17 kg. In addition, its 3 pneumatic wheels with air chamber guarantee a smooth stroke.


Equipped with inflatable running wheels, it constitutes the sporting evolution of the Loopi family. Its large wheels allow any physical activity and are suitable for all kinds of special terrains. In this way, this model is designed for those who do not want to give up the daily sport.

The model Loopi Running It also incorporates a set of City wheels since the system has been designed to exchange the wheels from one model to another with a single click.

smarTrike RECLINER INFINITY 5 in 1. Continue exploring

Suitable for children between 10 months and 3 years, this new tricycle evolves up to five different stages depending on the age of the baby: reclining seat (indicated for 10 months), stroller mode (more than 10 months), guided tricycle (18 months), entertainment tricycle (24 months) and classic tricycle (30 months).

Available in several colors, so that both older and younger keep their style wherever they go. Combine safety with style: patented Touch Steering technology and dual-component rubber alloy wheels allow you to move through an easy and light movement. In addition, the integrated suspension system favors a comfortable and light driving.

Alicia Gadea

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