Excursions to the countryside, what you should never forget take

Summer can be the perfect moment to reconnect with nature. Go to field and running away from the big city to recharge the batteries is a good plan after so long listening to the sound of the horn and breathing what the exhaust pipes release. Without a doubt these excursions are a good decision to spend a quiet day.

But before starting this excursion, several elements must be prepared so that in this way our backpack has everything necessary to spend a day in the field. From food to insect repellent, all this must accompany us in our rural plan so that everything comes out by the mouth and nothing is missed once we put our feet in wild nature.

What you should throw in your backpack

A well-prepared backpack is synonymous with an excellent day. Sometimes it happens that due to the lack of foresight a trip does not go as well as we expected. But if you do not forget what is necessary, I am sure that your day in the middle of nature comes out by mouth. Here are some things that should never be missing in your backpack:

1.- Sunscreen. The Sun does not burn only on the beach, also the field the skin suffers to receive the rays of the Star King. Always wear a protective cream with a recommended factor for the skin of all hikers is the best way to not get home with burns and sore.

2.- Water. The most important liquid in the world for life can never be lacking and even less when we are doing a physical activity such as taking field trips. Make sure you always carry enough water to keep you and yours stay hydrated all day.

3.- Garbage bags. Eating in the country is a great pleasure, as is finding this totally clean environment. Always remember to take a bag of garbage where to throw the waste that you are generating so that at the end of the day you can leave it at a recycling point ensuring that nature is still as pure.

4.- Portable battery. It is always advisable to go with the mobile phone charged, but it can happen that any failure in the device can cause it to run out of power. Therefore it is also advisable to carry a portable battery so that if you need to charge your mobile, we have this option.

5.- Insect repellent. Nature is full of animals, some very nice and others more annoying like mosquitoes and other insects. Therefore it is always advisable to have at hand repellents that keep them at bay to avoid being bitten.

6.- Caps and sunglasses. As we have said in the field, the sun is also harmful and you have to protect yourself from it. A cap to prevent the rays from hitting our head directly or hurting our eyes, everyone wearing a cap and sunglasses.

7.- Small medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, we can not avoid falls during excursions, falls or injuries for various reasons. For this reason it is always advisable to bring a small kit with bandages and disinfectants to heal these wounds.

8.- Map of the area. Even if it's on your mobile or on paper you always have to carry with you a map that lets you know at all times where you are. Although some hiking routes have indications, it is not difficult to get lost in the countryside. That is why this object can help us locate us in case we lose our way.

Damián Montero

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