5 summer digestive myths

With the arrival of summer they increase the meals away from home, the copious meals and it costs us a little more to carry out the digestion. However, in spite of the generalized beliefs, related to the cutting of digestion, the embarrassments, the food or drinks too cold, and the harsh solution of the soft diet ... we bring you 5 summer digestive myths which are totally false.

Most of us have a vague and vague idea of ​​how digestion works: we eat food, break it down and benefit from it. But, without knowing beyond this simple scheme, many of us have ended up believing some myths that have become popular.

And is that by incorporating them as negatives, condition the life and summer schedule of many people. Thus, we have a wide range of myths that range from digestions that are cut off when bathing, to napping repairs, to refreshing ice creams ... Here are some of the most popular summer digestive myths.

The great digestive myths of summer: know the truth

Wait two hours before bathing to do the digestion, finish the meals with ice cream to "lower" the food ... There are many digestive myths that follow us from generation to generation. The lack of knowledge has contributed to its durability. Here we show you the 5 most common digestive myths:

1. Digestion is not cut: It is the first of the great myths associated with summer and health. Digestion is a process that does not stop and that also lasts more than two hours and can last between 10 hours and ten days.

2. Naps are for summer: that after a meal and a bath we want to sleep does not mean it is the most suitable for digestion. The horizontal position and the heat do not favor digestion at all. We get up heavy, sweating * Sleeping after eating fattening.

3. The ice creams help us to lower the food and make the digestion: Nothing is further from reality. It does not matter if we take them in a glass, cone or dish: their great caloric contribution in fats and sugars, lead us to heaviness and indigestion.

4. Cold drinks feel bad: it is not true. We need them to regulate our body temperature and also hydrate us, a paramount need in these summer months

5. When we find ourselves indigestible, a fish on the grill for dinner or a French omelette: not necessarily. For example in the case of the egg the yolk makes it more difficult to tolerate and the blue fish is prone to cause certain digestive intolerances.

The hydrocution, what is it?

It is a lowering of tension that occurs when the blood is grouped in the stomach during the digestive process. It happens if we introduce a sudden change of temperature in the body, either cold or heat. It does not occur only when it comes into contact with water, it can also occur outside of it.

In the case of the bath, when the water is cold, the cut of digestion or syncope of hydrocution is the sudden loss of knowledge as a consequence of the sudden impact with water. It is the classic diving syncope, not too frequent but fearsome because it tends to cause cardiac arrest and therefore requires the performance of cardiac massage for resuscitation.

Regarding the increase in temperature, any sport that heats us after eating can produce the famous and non-existent "digestion cut". No need to bathe to be the victim of a faint that can end in serious consequences. Practice cycling or running in full digestion is a serious danger.

María Rojas Sanabria

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