Surprised by five, the story of a mother and her quintuplets

Motherhood is a whole experience, an adventure that in no case is the same for mothers. And it is that a pregnancy, in addition to a precious experience, can also be a surprise for mom. And it is that gestating five new members of a family can become a challenge: an experience worth telling. This story is what Kim wanted to tell through his blog: Surprised by Five, where he tells his story and that of his five children, his quintuplets.

Looking for a new son in the family

Kimberly Tucci and her husband Vaughn made the decision to raise their family with another child. This couple already had two daughters. However, fate was a surprise for them at this point: they were not going to meet a single new child, at least five new babies were coming to their home. An announcement that marked the beginning of the story of a pregnancy of quintuplets through Facebook.

"This is my first ultrasound test at five weeks and four days of pregnancy, I have a DVD with images that I will publish later this week because they need to be converted in order to upload them." That's how Kim's story on Facebook began. a photo of his first ultrasound where they began to glimpse the faces of those who were going to give him so much to talk about in this social network.

Little by little the publications brought us closer to the progress of Kim's gestation and how her pregnancy was evolving: photos of her body, images of the family waiting for the new babies and even a nice snapshot where one of the daughters of the couple posed together to the boxes of diapers to show the magnitude that this pregnancy was reaching. The sensations of this Australian were also coming through Facebook, especially the discomfort she felt: the pains in her back and abdomen or the 12 times she had to go to the toilet to urinate during the day.

"27 weeks of pregnancy (*) I feel very uncomfortable and in pain, just as you can imagine I am at the limit of my ability, I do not want to think about how painful it is going to be", published Kim on January 12th. Fourteen days later the story of her pregnancy ended to start another: her experience as a mother of quintuplets.

Be mother of quintuplets

"The moment in which your life changes," this was Kim's message that accompanied a photograph of him in the delivery room. And so it was, during the following months this Australian showed the world what it is to be a mother of quintuplets: "50 fingers, 50 feet and 6 hearts beating at the same time" can be a good summary of the experience that this woman is living, a a story that, despite being hard, is at the same time precious to Kim.

And that's because Kim has published amazing moments. A good example is the "symphony" that his children dedicate to him every night, a "symphony of five babies crying". After delivery, this Australian wanted to take advantage of its history to offer anyone who wants to help them financially could do so because the family needed a new transport since the car was too small and needed a van.

The donations did not take long to arrive and soon exceeded $ 42,000, a figure that did not expect anywhere near and that the Australian marriage plans to invest in a new house. Not only did they receive financial support, some diaper manufacturers also made it easier for them to give their products to make Kim's life a little easier.

The feeling of being a mother

Stories like Kim's show the gift of motherhood for mothers. A unique experience in life that fills moments of joy the day to day of everyone in the home despite the difficulties and responsibilities it represents. As we tell you, the II Study of Healthy Habits and Well-being in Women states that 55% of mothers in Spain say they feel they are personally and professionally made.

This work also points out that 34% of the mothers of our country affirm that even if they do not plan the tasks in the home, they always manage to comply with them, like Kim who despite her quintuplets always finds the solution to give an account of everything What you have to do at home in collaboration with your husband. And it is that the arrival of a child, in the case of this Australian five, changes the life of the woman. Not only because their responsibilities grow, but because their habits become healthier. This is stated in the II Study of Habits of Healthy Living and Wellbeing in Women:

- 70% of the mothers participating in this survey affirm that they never smoke and only 11% do so occasionally. Those who drink alcohol occasionally do not have children (70%).

- For its part, 49% of women who do not have children confess to using more than three hours a day to use electronic devices. In the case of mothers, this percentage drops to 29%.

Damián Montero

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