Children's games for a family Christmas

Christmas parties are the ideal moment to propose childish games to live these holidays as a family. It is time to share good times, to surround ourselves with all our loved ones. We must take advantage of every second of the Christmas holidays to enjoy with our children and make them see how important it is to pass the Christmas in family.

5 children's games for a family Christmas

To achieve this, we can propose some fun children's games that require the participation of the whole family and whose main theme is Christmas.

1. A Christmas menu. Christmas crafts tend to like, when they are small, both children and girls, so if we are going to meet at home, it is a good idea that, once we have thought about what we are going to prepare for the Christmas Eve dinner, we will let's communicate it to our children.

This way they can design a menu using their imagination and materialize it using cardboard, glitter and many colors. We will cut the cards and leave them on the plates of our guests. We will have done together a warm restaurant in the dining room of the house!

2. Christmas furor. Do you remember that television program in which two teams, one composed of men and the other of women, competed to get the most songs right? Meet as a family with a notebook and a pen. You will have to write different words on small pieces of paper (love, friendship, peace ...). All with Christmas values.

The papers will be folded and left in a basket. One of the teams takes out a piece of paper and reads aloud the word that has touched it. You have 10 seconds to think about a carol that contains it, otherwise the turn will be for the opposing team. If the first team manages to sing the carol in chorus before the time runs out, they will have added a point in their score. Win who before reach 10 points.

3. The invisible friend. When the children are small and still do not know who the Magi are, they do not participate in the purchase and packaging of gifts for the family. But if we make a draw to play the famous Invisible Friend, we can transmit the pleasure of putting ourselves in the skin in others. Because a gift is not bought for oneself. You have to make an effort to think what the other may like. Thus they will understand that many times more is received when giving.

4. Costume race. The costumes of the Magi usually call the attention of the little ones a lot. We can prepare two trunks that contain these costumes and the accessories that complement them. We will leave them at the side of the room. At the opposite end we will make two rows. The game consists of doing a relay race. The first two members of each of the participating teams, that is, the first of the row, run out to the trunk when the music begins.

When they arrive they have to put on absolutely everything that the box contains and return to where their team is to dress, without anything has fallen on the way, the next participant. The equipment that ends before (it is necessary to leave again the disguise in the trunk) will be the winner.

5. We roast chestnuts. Do you remember the relay races that were done with an egg and a spoon? This time we changed the egg for the chestnuts. They can be roasted in the oven and in the microwave. We are going to prepare at one end of the room a sack full of chestnuts, on the other side we will place two containers, one per team. We will make two rows and the first of each one will take a spoon, hold it strong with his teeth, put a chestnut on it and he will run away to leave it in the bowl that corresponds to him. We have to empty the sack, so we better be fast because it will have more chestnuts, the more hurried equipment has been given.

If there are very small children playing, it may be convenient that instead of carrying the spoon in our mouths, we should carry it in our hands. Remember that they are wooden spoons. Afterwards we will eat the chestnuts as a family at the fireplace. Do you know that they are also a super-nutritious fruit? There is no better excuse than this game to make them consume phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and lots of fiber! That also will be great to regulate our intestinal transit in this time of great meals and disorders in our schedules.

With what game do you stay? Do not wait any longer to put them into practice. You will see that the laughter is more than assured. Enjoying family is very simple. These are just some ideas but you can certainly make the list of games we propose much longer if you throw a little imagination to Christmas.

Elisa García

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