Housework in the youngest

Keeping the house clean and in order is the task of the whole family. There is no excuse for age and much less for sex. Domestic work is very frustrating and more so if only one member of the family assumes it. Therefore, it is essential that the whole family take care of the housework. In addition, it will help children to learn concepts such as: responsibility, justice and to have a better relationship with their parents.

House chores overwhelm. They are a tedious job, which is often a reason for conflict in the family. They cause stress and are almost never rewarded or recognized for the work and effort put into realizing them. To make them more enjoyable and easy, family members should collaborate.

It is important that your child collaborates in the housework, not only by downloading some work from our shoulders, but because It is good for your psychosocial development. Homework helps foster responsibility, collaboration and a sense of obligation.

How the tasks contribute to the personal development of children

1. Responsibility By depending on them in certain aspects for the proper functioning of the house, they will feel more responsible.

2. Independence By not giving them all facts, we encourage them to do it for themselves, to mature before and to be more autonomous.

3. Self-esteem Seeing that you trust in your work at home helps you feel needed in the family.

4. Social adaptation. Acquiring a certain commitment in the family with household chores, will help them to join a society in which they will have to work, follow orders and be organized.

5. Assessment of cooperation. At home you can learn the advantages of collaborating and fostering camaraderie, learn to respect and work as a team.

Keys to getting teens to help at home

- The older the responsibility should be. Making your bed every day, picking up the study table and clothes, doing your laundry, or throwing away the garbage, are tasks that you can carry out without problems.

- The degree of maturity. It is a factor to keep in mind, since we can not ask them for tasks that can make them fail. In this way we will take care of your self-esteem and teach you how to do the tasks well.

- Have a positive reinforcement. Every time you do the tasks it is important to have a positive reinforcement with him or a recognition to thank him for his participation.

- He does not want to do the homework. If you refuse to help, it is best to see that not doing the tasks will lead to a negative consequence, such as depriving them of what they least want to lose.

- The best thing is to set an example from the beginning. Always try to reason with them and make them understand that the family is a team in which everyone should collaborate as much as they can.

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