Bright students also like physical education

A stereotype It is an idea or perception that is repeated frequently in the minds of people and that tells them what certain aspects of life are like ... even if it is not always real. Thus, for example, the idea that bright students do not like physical education because they are more given to study; an idea totally false, as a study has just revealed.

The research, in which the University of Granada, the Complutense University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Institute of Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition (CSIC), the University of Zaragoza and the University of Cantabria, have analyzed the sedentariness , physical exercise and academic performance in more than 4,000 adolescents throughout Spain and has determined that, contrary to the stereotype, students with better grades do like the subject of physical education.

Physical education at school

According to this work, the boys like the subject of physical education in greater proportion than the girls, but buries the myth for years repeated that the students who get better grades are not good at sports or simply do not like physical education.

The research has been carried out on a large scale and participated in it more than 4,000 Spanish students between six and 18 years old residents in Granada, Madrid, Murcia, Santander and Zaragoza. The work includes three studies (Avena, Afinos and Up & down) and with them sedentary lifestyle and physical exercise were evaluated in different groups of adolescents, in relation to their academic performance.

Differences between girls and boys

Of the three projects included in the same study, only in one, the Up & Down, it has been found that girls who get better academic results have less interest in physical education. In the other two parts of this investigation the results have coincided, also finding that the main difference between them and them is that the guys do more sports and like more the subject of Physical Education.

Thus, in the three studies, more than half of the men said that they like Physical Education, while among adolescents, the percentage is always lower. Another piece of information that reveals the work is that the number of students who like discipline has increased.

Greater taste for sport

"Throughout the three studies there is a decrease of two percent negative responses, while the number of young people who liked the subject increased by more than eight percent, "the researchers affirm when talking about the increase in the percentage of young people who like the subject at the institute.

With the results of this work, the authors acknowledge that physical education tends to be considered a discipline not relevant to students, despite the fact that physical exercise is one of the greatest determinants of health status, as repeated by health experts.

Therefore, remember that physical education "not only provides tools of physical activity that instill the taste for exercise in a regular and regulated manner;infuses important values ​​in the intellectual, psychological and physical development of schoolchildren, such as effort, discipline, teamwork and the desire to excel, "the researchers point out.

Angela R. Bonachera

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