The adaptation of parents to school

Despite the fact that those who go to school for the first time, nursery or nursery are children, and therefore, there is always talk of the adaptation of children to school, for parents it is also a new and unknown situation, which causes concern and fear, especially for those moms and dads who have not separated from their children during the first 3 years of life.

The first time parents bring the child to school

Will it be fine, will you like it, will you cry a lot ...? These are some of the concerns of the parents that, without realizing it, we transmit to the children and that can interfere in their prompt adaptation. Do not forget that children always have the antenna, and although it seems that they do not know what we say or our comments, they do.

To control this situation, Cristina Gil Gil, teacher of profession for 20 years and author of the book The teacher responds, has put into prose many of the tricks that parents can use in the face of the doubts that arise in the day to day with our children.

What really happens when school starts? To all, the great changes make us nervous and the adaptation to the nursery or school depends a lot on the character of each one. In this situation, before the first time we leave our children in school, Cristina Gil Gil says that "parents have to be strong, I have seen parents go crying from class because their son was also crying. , dear parents, your children are in good hands, they just have to adapt to the new situation, just like you. "

7 tips for parents before the first school of their children

1. Have full confidence in the school and in the person that we have freely chosen.

2. Sell your child to your new school as the best of the world.

3. In farewell, avoid some kind of deception like "I'll be back in 5 minutes".

4. Maintain contact with your tutor, without overwhelming the teacher.

5. Avoid indulging your child's whims When I return home to avoid the feeling of guilt.

6. Avoid making unfortunate comments as "the poor go every day crying", "I feel a pity" or a warning like "that today you will not cry".

7. Act naturally and with inner strength, trying to hide your concern before your child's eyes.

Remember that:

- Children should perceive that their parents are happy to leave him at school.

- To perceive the school as a good thing, positive motivation always works.

- With affection and with the example you can help your child to adapt to school.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

Advice: Cristina Gil Gil, teacher. Author of the book The teacher responds, from Ediciones Palabra.

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