10 mistakes if you want to lose weight

Summer is coming and, with it, the excesses ... or just the opposite. There are those who, to avoid becoming the percentage of people who during the holidays get fat, take certain measures that are not exactly the best to lose weight or lose weight. We tell you some of the most common mistakes when you want to lose weight.

The nutrition It is one of the fields where there are more false myths, and it is very important to take many precautions: the first one and the most important, Never start a diet without the guidance of a nutritionist expert, Well, we are talking about your health. This means, for example, that the diet of one person does not serve another, although at times it may seem that it does.

Although the diets are totally personal, there are certain Tips that can help everyone: you have to maintain a healthy life style with physical activity and a balanced diet in which there is everything (except that of which you are allergic, of course). If you really want to lose weight, it is better not to make any of these mistakes that reminds us of the Organization of Consumers and Users.

Big mistakes when trying to lose weight

Skip meals. It is the main mistake and one of the great myths mentioned above. It seems that to lose weight it would be better to stop eating, but it is not like that. The ideal according to our Mediterranean diet are five meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks (one mid-morning and one afternoon).

Eat very little. It is an error based on the same "logic" as before. As explained in the OCU, diets excessively hypocaloric (low in calories) are harmful because the body adapts to periods of high cost, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight. This means that as soon as the caloric intake increases a little, the weight is recovered more easily.

Blame specific foods. No, there are no fattening foods and foods that lose weight, and this is an idea that we must banish from our minds forever. Weight is determined by the type of general diet you take.

Eliminate carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential in the diet. Although it is true that stop taking makes it thin, this thinning is achieved by leaving the body and brain without its source of primary energy: glucose, which causes the appearance of acetone, which can be very dangerous.

Food of high caloric density. This kind of food are, for example, energy bars. There is no point in exercising if then the strength is restored by ingesting as many calories as we have burned.

Eat always "on a diet". According to they explain, one of the main causes of the abandonment of the diets is its monotony, which again highlights the need to go to specialists.

Drink alcohol. All alcoholic drinks get fat because alcohol has more calories than carbohydrates or proteins, so they should be left for very specific moments.

Determine the ideal weight wrongly. You have to set realistic goals: if you are 40 years old, your body can not and should not weigh the same as when you were 18.

Use diet pills. This has serious side effects, so you should only do so if told by your doctor or registered dietitian.

Miracle diets. There is no method that allows us to lose weight effortlessly and in record time, so leave these miracle diets and slimming products and get ready to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Tricks that do help you lose weight

With so many "no" in the previous list, it may seem that losing weight is impossible, but far from it. It is possible to lose weight when the calories we take are lower than those we spend, something that must be achieved by carrying out a realistic change of habits. These five tips will help you.

-Come on everything, Do not eliminate food but limit the amounts you take.

-Eat lighter and with less fat: opt for baked or steamed preparations instead of fried or stewed.

-It gives the weight they deserve to fruits and vegetables: Remember, five pieces a day.

-Choose skimmed foods or versions with less fat or sugar, but always read the label first, because it is not always what it seems.

-Do exercise and leads an active life.

Angela R. Bonachera


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