One in four children believes that playing video games is an exercise

Exercise is essential, both practice it during childhood and as a family. Now, we speak of "real" exercise: swimming in a video game is not exercising, no matter how many people want to believe it. According to a study, uNot every four children believe that playing video games is a type of sport.

And no, they do not refer toI exercise the fingers on the controls of these devices, but to some kind of sports activity, as revealed by a survey conducted in the United Kingdom by the Youth Sport Trust, a charity that promotes physical education and sports.

The organization has also warned that young people run the risk of becoming "hostages of portable devices" who live their lives dedicated to technology and totally disconnected from the much-needed physical activity.

Sports and friends

To carry out this work, more than 1,000 children between the ages of five and 16 have been interviewed, finding that 23 percent of them "think that playing with the computer with friends is a form of exercise", while 35 percent of the youth says that now he talks more with his friends through social networks than in person. A tremendously worrying data.

These results are part of a study entitled 'The Class of 2035', which warns that Sport in schools is "at a critical crossroads" and ask that it be a priority "to avoid a future generation that only depends on technology and is disconnected from reality".

Sports technologies

One of the suggestions made by this report is that schools incorporate technologies that have to do with sports in their classes, according to the British newspaper The Telegraph, which has echoed this alarming study on youth on the islands.

On this, the report asks the political leaders not to ignore the progress of the new technologies in society, but take advantage of this development "for their own benefit".

"In order to achieve thatthat children are active from a young age, a more holistic approach to physical education is needed, one that integrates technology and delivery in a transparent, intuitive and digital way to unite it with physical education, "the paper suggests.

For the report's makers, these data come to point out how the world is changing very fast and will continue to do so.. "The physical and emotional well-being of young people is increasingly worrying", has commented the executive director of the organization, Alison Oliver, who has emphasized that this digital revolution has both opportunities and challenges for young people, who are its main "hostages".

"If we want to avoid a future in which young people disengage from physical activity and live increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we have to recognize their needs today, "insisted the director of the organization, which has once again called for joint work to improve education, sports and health of young people through schools.

Motivate children to do sports

In this article we explain how to motivate little sports children to play sports, for that reason, we will only give a few small touches that also tell us about the benefits of sports in children.

-It's sport, not punishment. Forcing your child to play sports will make the child hate him, resisting more to do it. The best thing then: to incorporate the exercise in the day to day.

-Deporte in family. The best thing is to carry out sport in family with, for example, excursions that also help to improve the communication between parents and children and allow us to know new places.

-Interise yourself. Some children do not practice sports because they are embarrassed, and others because they are simply being offered sports that do not attract attention. Talk to your child and be interested in what interests him.

Angela R. Bonachera

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