Activities to celebrate Europe Day 2015 in Madrid

Every May 9 we celebrated Europe Day, a date to remember when that same day of 1950 the then French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, sat down the bases of the European Union with two basic principles: Peace and solidarity There are many activities that are held in all countries to commemorate the event, we tell you the plans in Madrid.

Throughout the first week of May, and having as its culmination Saturday, May 9, all of Europe (and, with it, Spain) is dressed in blue, the color of the European flag. If you feel European and want to convey to your children the importance of belonging to this group of countries, find out everything that is going to happen to celebrate this date with your family with this guide.

Guide not to miss Europe Day in Madrid

Wednesday, May 6

11.00 The schools have been these weeks immersed in a contest to make posters about the Day of Europe, so on Wednesday at 11.00 am the prizes will be given.

18.30 hours. The Círculo de Bellas Artes hosts a reading in several languages ​​of El Quijote, the greatest work of literature in Spanish.

19.30 hours. The European Youth Orchestra of Madrid offers a concert at the National Auditorium. It will interpret a selection of works in which music and dance merge; works by composers aware of their European dimension, who knew how to feed themselves from the music of other countries and fostered cultural exchange.

Friday, May 8

08.00 hours From eight o'clock on Friday morning and throughout the weekend, several representative buildings in Madrid will display giant European flags, while the fountain of Cibeles will be dyed blue as a "company". Walk around your children to find them all: the Palacio de Cibeles, the Post Office, the Santa Cruz Palace and the Headquarters of the European Institutions in Spain.

10.00 hours. At the headquarters of the European Institutions in Spain (Paseo de la Castellana, 46) the prizes of the contest for schools Euroscola will be given.

12.00 hours Act of raising the flag of the European Union; organized in collaboration with the European Movement of Spain. It will be in the Aniceto Marinas Slope.

Saturday, May 9

06.00 hours from six in the morning all urban buses in Madrid will also carry flags of the European Union

Storytelling: the Community of Madrid has organized storytelling and talks on the European Union in public hospitals.

11.00 hours. The San Isidro Institute will host the final of the 'What do you know about Europe' contest with questions about the European Union for 6th grade students in the Community of Madrid.

Activities in social networks

The organizers of this celebration are very aware of the importance of social networks today. Therefore, they have also organized activities through them:

Facebook: the Facebook page of the European Commission invites us to know the trajectory of the 19 ambassadors of cooperation and then join their image with projects in which they work. If you hit, you'll enter a draw for a 500 euro voucher to spend at Intermón Oxfam stores.

Twitter: through the 'microblogging' network, everyone is invited to tell how they see development cooperation and why it is necessary. To participate, only the hashtag must be included # ActionInspiration. The best tweet will earn a 500 euro voucher to spend at Intermón Oxfam stores.

They also encourage sharing, with the hashtag # Day of Europe, the experiences throughout these days and your thoughts on Europe. You join?

Angela R. Bonachera

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