Newskid, the new means of communication for children only

Parents usually want to be informed of what happens in the world: from our neighborhood to the last important novelty in some other country. However, bringing that reality closer to children seems difficult. ¿And if a means of communication were created just for children? That's Newskid.

Newskid is a multiplatform children's media designed to bring international news to children in a fun and easy, with the aim of involving them to be proactive and learn to understand the news they read and hear, as they have explained from the company itself, based in Catalonia.

Innovation journalism for children

The way of acting of this new and interesting project is through the story of an alien that arrives by mistake to planet Earth and, as he does not understand human civilization, his superiors entrust him with the mission of learn everything you can about humans.

To achieve your goal, this cute alien asks for help from children, that in this way they enter the world of information and current affairs. This is explained by the journalist driving the initiative, Eva Domínguez, who says that the project "part of the children's curiosity and desire to explore and creates an informative environment in which they have a good time understanding international news. "

"Children are curious about the world, But the news does not always adapt to your needs. The project aims to address this issue, "he explains in his presentation video, in which he discusses how this means of communication will be: Newskid is "a great adventure"Through which stories are told through different platforms that use physical objects, a printing supplement, an interactive website and augmented reality technology.

So interesting is the project, that Newskid has become the only Spanish company selected of a total of 24 participants who will compete in the 'Startups for News' contest of the Global Editors Network (GEN), an international meeting of media editors that takes place every year and that this time will take place in Barcelona from June 17 to 19.

In the following video, you can see an extended explanation in English about the project.

Angela R. Bonachera

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