Spring trends: how to make them our

As every season, at this time comes the good weather, we want to change the style and replace the warmer clothes with fresher and lighter fabrics. In agreement. But wich ones? This spring we face novel trends, some easier to assimilate than others. There are some clues to dress them successfully and most importantly, how to make them ours.

To avoid being a fashion victim, the best thing is not to get carried away by the first thing that comes to the market. The secret of spring trends is how to make them ours, that is, define our personality in terms of fashion and how to bring the latest. Precisely this definition is a necessity for many women, who want to be seen more to them, than what they wear.


The navy style It is more fashionable than ever. The stripes will be the queens of spring / summer, combined with prints more daring, will seduce us in the spring time.

The stripes, in their thickest and most striking form, arrive combined with polka dots. In addition, the ethnic and geometric prints will coexist with this navy trend, mixing in daring and colorful prints.


Pleated skirts are the latest this spring. The pleats, as well as the gathers, are both feminine and dangerous options, so all users should ensure that they have an abdomen-hip area without an extra gram of fat.


Fringes come to stay and gain prominence in all types of garments: skirts, shirts, dresses, bags, boots ...

Both long and short, they bring movement and style to our outfits, giving a boho air to our looks.

Also, we must not forget that the fringes can help us hide some part of our body that we want to hide, both for those who have gained a few kilos more than for the very thin girls who do not have curves in a certain area.

Pastel colors

Among them, tones that you would never have considered as the dull yellow or the range that ranges from green water to green operating room. Although in principle the cakes only look good on pale skins and with light hair, in the summer they turn a blind eye because having better color makes it easier to get out of this affront. Either way, beige and cream tones usually sit well all, not because they match the skin tone, but because they are elegant in tone.


The metallic finish can be pair 10 of pastel colors. How does this spring come? In casual version, combined with materials such as cotton and soft fabrics, able to play down.


We continue with them, but instead of rounded we will choose them with something of tip.

Midi skirts

Midi skirts will be indispensable this spring. The word midi refers to its length, the knee or even something longer. Although it may seem a little flattering, if you know how to combine it can be great.

Midi skirts will make your legs shorter, so we recommend that you wear short, fitted shirts at the top. The crop top, for example, would be a perfect combination. As for footwear, you can wear them both with heels and with plans. If you are short, we recommend that you opt for the first option to replace the effect of short legs that the midi does.

The colors are in line with the new spring season: warm, floral prints, fresher fabrics ...

As for its shape can be more straight style tube, or more detached and flying. This is just a matter of taste.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer
Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction, by Editorial Palabra

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