Exercise in childhood

Health is what matters and physical activity is essential to maintain it and prevent diseases. Physical exercise helps Control weight and blood pressure, strengthen bones and muscles. It is also important for the mind, improving mood, increasing self-esteem and making us feel better.

It costs very little and it's cheap! Starting is much easier than it seems. Walking, running, cycling, playing, swimming, skipping, skating, dancing ... Choose the activity that you like the most and nothing happens because the girls play football and the children jump rope. A walk is also worth it, even helping with the housework!

Regularity and moderation for children's sport

Moderate and daily is always better than an intense and sporadic sport. It is preferable that we do a little, but being constant, that we give "the panzada" every two months. Getting it is easy:

- Moving around on foot or by bike whenever possible, even to go to school, avoiding taking the car It is a very good idea. If we need to take public transport, we can get off one stop before and walk that stretch.

- Use the stairs instead of the elevator is something that can help us and remember that when you are sitting some time, It is good to get up every hour and walk or make movements.

Sports recommended for children

Here the possibilities are enormous, it is convenient to choose one that appeals to the child, adapted to the characteristics and possibilities of each one, regardless of their sex. It is important that your practice does not add a complication (long trips, time incompatibilities, etc.) since that way what we will achieve will be that he chooses to stop practicing it.

Individual sports strengthen the personality and lTeam members teach sharing, work together; those of competition to accept the frustration learning to lose, stimulating to improve, and all of them to respect others, fair play, make friends and increase self-esteem.

It is essential that it be carried out under the supervision and supervision of accredited professors or instructors and, if possible, with the protection of the corresponding official Federation.

Stimuli for children's sports

When it comes to making gifts, maybe a good idea could be those that encourage physical activity. For the little ones: a ball, toy bowling and for the older ones from a ball, a jump rope, some skates, a racket, even a bike. On the other hand, we have to make it easy for them: take them to the field and walk, run, jump, play hide-and-seek or throw races, in short, all those active games, which have been replaced on many occasions by sedentary ones, such as video games or TV.

Limitations when practicing

There are natural limitations that are given by the age and characteristics of the child. Other natural limitations derive from health problems, although many pathologies benefit precisely from exercise, such as obesity, diabetes, psychopathies ... And others can practice it when they are well controlled, as is the case of asthmatics.

Author: Esther Ruiz Wednesday.Society of Pediatrics of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha

Video: Importance of Physical Activity in Early Childhood

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