The great teaching of the bad teacher

Not all parents are always magnificent, nor are we constantly making mistakes; as well as not every professional for always acting as a teacher, or a "lord" who has taken a hobby to our son and does not know how to help him. Having these premises clear, we can take much advantage of the fact of having during a course a 'bad professedr 'in front of the classroom of one of our children.

If we start from the premise that also as parents, we made mistakes in the decisions we made about our children, despite putting all the love of the world, we can empathize with the teachers of our children and understand that, even putting "all the meat in the spit", can go through an "annus horribilis" and not fit with their pupils. If we face the objective fact that we have a "bad teacher", we must get the most out of it and maybe tomorrow our children pick up a great teaching of it: that in life we ​​will have good and bad bosses, and that we must learn as soon as possible to cope with it, with the conviction that if we take advantage of it we will get more positive than negative questions.

How can we help our children in this situation? Explaining that, in the face of a bad teacher - or a bad boss - we can, or make life bitter and feel sorry for our bad luck, or take advantage of the situation to iron out our character. So, I suggest you encourage them to win in:

- Patience: supporting what for him / her are a "string of injustices". Who said life was fair? The sooner they learn it, the happier they will be.

- Humility: we're never left over with it, so shut up from time to time To wrong judgments about us is a very practical way to improve the character.

- Tenacity: they must understand that with perseverance and a lot of effort we will be able to demonstrate to that professor that we enclose a treasure that is worth discovering.

- Charity: what a good time to teach the children to "bite their tongues" and not criticize their teachers, even if they are convinced that they are 100% right. We must teach them the importance of safeguarding the fame of those around us - so unfashionable today!

- Security in themselves: because when you know the value you have for yourself, the value for your parents and siblings, the value you have as a person regardless of the opinions of others, you can face the vicissitudes of life more strongly. Who does not know co-workers who need their bosses to tell them constantly that they are wonderful to feel happy?

- Strength: It is vital that our children "have a hard time" so that they grow up healthy. This statement seems bad for parents, but quite the opposite. If we overprotect them, we will be educating unhappy people by not being able to function autonomously with their lives.

I could go on and on about "the great teaching of the bad professor", but with these brushstrokes we can already see where the shots go. Let's not complain, nor let our children do it; let's not criticize, if we want them not to do it; let's speak well of everyone and we will educate happy children, because they will know that they are not the center of the universe and that problems exist in all stages of life, what is important, know how to take them with panache.

A fact shownor: there are many more good teachers and teachers, than the bad ones, therefore, you may never face this dilemma.

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