10 keys to teach them to take care of the Planet

Raise awareness of children about the importance of take care of the environment is transcendent in the face of a future in which new generations will have to know manage natural resources. On the other hand, the little ones learn in this way values ​​such as generosity and solidarity.

The love for nature allows them, in addition to developing a certain degree of empathy and sensitivity that they will not only have to apply to other beings, develop their relationship with other people. This can be aroused in various ways, such as going to a park.

How can we awaken in the child an interest in Nature?

1. We can sensitize the child about environmental issues Regarding pollution in its immediate environment: noise, smoke, odors, dirt from streets and water. We can also provide experiences through which you understand the transformation of nature, the influence of climate changes and natural phenomena such as rain, snow or drought.

2. We will familiarize the child with the syou are alive in your environment (plants, birds, insects, trees, flowers, etc.), describing the characteristics of these.

3. Let's try to make the child aware of the park as a nice place to enjoy and where plants, animals, trees, etc. coexist That it values ​​the professions of the people who are in charge of taking care of the city: street sweepers, gardeners, and who thinks about what would happen if those professions did not exist.

4. Let's help him get to know the plants and flowers: their external parts, the care they need, what they provide us. To discover how they are born and grow, that they need to breathe and feed themselves to grow. Let's plant seeds together and take care of the growth of the plant.

5. Let's find occasions for the child to approach the animal world, who knows and understands their way of life and their needs, learning to take care of them, love them and respect them.

6. Visit museums of Natural Sciences with the child. When we get home, we will comment on what we have seen. Then we can draw what has surprised us the most.

7. Let's review the television programming and let's see the programs together that are related to Nature.

8. Whenever we have a chance, let's do excursions to the mountain, the beach, the mountain or to know the many natural parks that there are in Spain and outside of it.

9. Encourage your love towards plants or animals, but without forgetting to alert you about the precautions: avoid insect bites, do not take to the mouth or eyes some fruits, etc.

10. If we educate our children for life in society, dWe must reflect on the type of society in which it is going to unfold. Therefore, also the elderly must be aware of the importance of caring for the environment.

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