At school he behaves well, why at home is not it?

Why do you behave better at school than at home? On many occasions, the family works just the opposite of what is being done in school and the consequences are not only that the child perceives inconsistencies and, therefore, chooses the behavior that interests him most, but also, we lose authority In front of them.

One of the major differences between the school and the family is that the teacher who works with our children considers certain objectives and a specific methodology of how they will achieve them. In the family, most of the time, this reflection is not made of what I want to achieve with my children and how we are going to do it, but we tend to work on the fly, depending on the needs that arise in the day to day.

Temporaryization is important, that is, to think when we are going to work each topic with each one of them. At this point lies the success of their education. We can not pretend to work all at once. From home we should follow the same pattern.

The children in the center have very internalized where they have to go at all times, how to behave or what to do. It is a question that has already been turned into a habit. At home, although parents would like these routines to exist, they lack them.

How do they do it in the nursery school?

In nursery schools you work by objectives and achieve excellent results with these simple budgets:

- Explain to children the goal we want to achieve so that they are clear about how they have to do it, what we expect from them and, at the same time, motivate them in their achievement.

- Do not fall into the constant repetition of what we expect from them. We must educate them so that the moment we ask for an action, they respond immediately. The child has to understand that there is no other option. To achieve this we will have to focus and wait for them to respond without confusing us in doing other things than what we want to achieve, that is, we can not give an order and while we wait for the children to respond we will do another task. We have to be aware of their attitude, to see that they can not give another answer. It is demanding but always being at their side so that they feel the support and confidence that we have in them.

- Provide them with autonomy. This is one of the aspects in which parents usually fail because, unlike the school, they are always seen as small to do certain things. We consider them small to put things in the dishwasher or pick up their clothes and store them. On the other hand, in the nursery school, from the first moment, the educators know what they are capable of and they are given the opportunity.

Another problem that diminishes their autonomy is the lack of time. Letting them do things alone means that at the beginning it will cost them more time than doing them ourselves. Since we are short on time, we tend to substitute them, giving importance to doing more things in less time instead of focusing on them being the ones that do it. But we just have to think that if he is able to do it in the nursery at home, he is.

All these guidelines can help us to behave better, not only in the nursery, but also at home and, although at the beginning it can take time and effort, once it has been achieved, the consequences can To be very positive and they will compensate us, since we will make them better people and we will provide a more pleasant family atmosphere.

María Campo Director of NClic

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