Manage the business of your own life: avoid being a victim

Perhaps one of the characteristics that defines many of the young people of today is conformism, letting go, the lack of risk ... We are in the JASP era: Young but well prepared ... but not They know how to manage their own life.

They have their whole lives ahead, but they are not happy: they do not study what they want or what they are worth, they see the professional future as a competitive battlefield ... Why it costs us so much to generate a change, from quitting to change that situation with friends who do not realize us and with whom we feel bad?

You have to have the ability to be critical, to rethink what does not work or what could go better and take risks. And for that you need courage, take risks. Now everything is easier than the generation of their parents, let alone their grandparents.

What does it take to risk?

As a popular saying goes: "Laughing is risking looking foolish Crying is risking looking sentimental Extend your arm to catch another is to risk becoming involved Show your own feelings is to risk showing oneself Expose your ideas or dreams to To love is to risk not being reciprocated, to live is to risk dying, to hope is to risk losing them, but you have to take risks, because the greatest danger in life is not risking anything. Nothing, if you do not risk anything, your existence darkens, it is likely that you will avoid suffering in this way, but you will not learn, to feel, to change, to love or to live.chained to an attitude of fear, one becomes slave ... And he loses his freedom, you are only free if you risk ".

It is not easy to show how one is, to carry out what one wants in life. "What will they think of me if I study this career, if I follow this path ..." The one who wants can arrive, but the road is not easy. Everyone, when we face a major change in our lives, we are afraid. But you have to face that fear to change. There's no turning back. Because fear is our biggest brake.

The company of your own life

The most important company to which we can dedicate ourselves is our own life: we have to be the protagonists, more than the victims. There are highly respected professionals who do dozens of studies and analyzes about your company or your products throughout your career. But, curiously, they do not investigate or plan the most important thing: they themselves, their life ... Maybe out of laziness, ignorance, haste, fear. Or because rethinking is an exercise that requires a lot of honesty, perseverance and courage.

Seneca said: "If you do not know which port you sail to, no wind is good." It is worth spending some time in our life to consider where we want to go.

Living surrounded by untimely circumstances is also the ideal excuse that many have not to abandon their position as victims and permanently manifest the symptoms of a victimitis with which they end up feeling constantly "fucked up, but happy."

Some of the most obvious symptoms of victimitis are the continuous complaint about life and others, the feeling of living as a result of the circumstances rather than as a generator of them, the frequent use of others as a crutch or a cloth of tears, a hard and difficult view of life (in which there are many more enemies and threats than friends and opportunities) and the difficulty to experience pleasure, among others.

6 tips to manage your own life

1. Discard alternatives: what we do not want. To start like this is easier, if in a list you write those situations that do not satisfy you and that you do not want to be repeated again.

2 Discover what your natural talents are. We all have them, but perhaps we have been "covering" them with the years or the opinions of other people or the pressure of others. Exercising one's talent is the key to one's own prosperity.

3. Write letters to yourself: it is therapeutic. It helps express and explain what happens to us, to have distance about ourselves. Sit down and write on paper a letter to yourself telling you what happens to you.

4. What seems like a setback can serve to take root. That is the hidden virtue kept by the setbacks and what seems to go wrong.

5. To help you get to know you, You can ask those who appreciate us and have a positive attitude towards life. You can ask them openly, telling them to be honest in their answers and to highlight, above all, what they see positively in us.

6. Create your own opportunities. Opportunities are not just the result of chance, but can be created. The quantity and quality of opportunities that appear to us in life are directly proportional to the attitude we have in front of it.

You are young and you are on time.Think about what you want to be, what you want to do with your life, how you will be more useful and how you can feel more satisfied with yourself. What can you contribute to society and to others? Go a step further and build those healthy and supportive projects that are bustling in you, using the only raw materials that are unlimited for human beings: love, generosity, cooperation and trust.

I did not risk and so I stayed

We can meet people who are not happy, such as those who quote Alex Rovira in his book The inner compass:

- "I wanted to be a businesswoman ... Set up shops, fashion boutiques for women, but at that moment I had it easy to enter the Administration and now I am an official ... It's a safe job, a life insurance" .-

"My vocation was to be a psychologist, but since I was told at home that I would not earn a living, I decided to do business, and I ended up here, selling insurance."

- "Look, I'm going to tell you something very intimate, I've been an entrepreneur who has earned a lot of money, with a lot of prestige, today I'm 72 years old and you know something, I regret not having risked trying to fulfill my dream, and above all I deeply regret not having lived my children. "

- "Mine have always been animals: horses and dogs, specifically, but at home I was frowned upon as a veterinarian, so I studied law, like my older brothers, my father, my uncle and my grandfather".

- "Life is out there (pointing to a window), but who takes the risk? Actually, I would always have liked to have my own company and do something related to the world of marketing, but I think it's too late" (The one who says it is 35 years old!).

Ricardo Regidor
Advice: Alex Rovira. Bachelor in Business Administration and Management and MBA from ESADE. Consultant and trainer of executives and managers.

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