Forcing children to try new dishes can have serious consequences, according to a study

There are many flavors in the world and a lot of dishes are waiting to be tasted. Gastronomy is one of those pleasures that can be enjoyed as a family and share great moments among all to know this festival for the taste buds. However, facing this activity may be somewhat shocking to the More smalls of the house.

A new dish It can cause rejection on the part of the smallest ones, either because of the ingredients that compose it, its presentation or simply because the personality of the child is not so daring as to live this experience. Should parents force their children to taste these flavors, or simply invite them to this pleasure? A new study conducted by the University of Michigan warns parents of the danger of forcing young children to try them.

Try new dishes yes, but without putting pressure

After analyzing 244 children Between 21 and 33 months, the researchers found that those families who had forced their children to try new foods had not succeeded in changing their eating habits. As indicated by those responsible for this study, pressure is not a good mechanism to change any habit in people.

Children who refuse a meal further increase their repudiation against this dish in question. While it is necessary to offer children the opportunity to try new flavors, pressure is not a good mechanism to change the Feeding Habits of the kids. Julie Lumeng, member of the team in charge of carrying out this research, indicates that, as in a shy child, forcing him to relate to other people, in the case of new flavors, it will have a similar result.

Lumeng suggests that pressure from parents to try New flavors it is seen as an attempt at parental control. Hence the rejection of an imposition, may even appear problems in the mechanisms of food intake even closing the esophagus or causing vomiting to receive the spoonful of the dish.

The alternative? Those responsible for the study suggest the dialogue, the presentation of these dishes as something beneficial and attractive instead of an obligation for the little ones in the house. Neither do you have to resort to negotiation and offer a tasty dessert in exchange for eating the dish in question.

Motivate to try new flavors

As has been said, motivation is always better than imposition. The mission of the parents will be to present these new foods as something attractive and never as an obligation for the little ones:

- Lead by example. The children always take note of what their parents do. If they do not see that they eat vegetables, fruits or the dish they must try, their rejection will grow even more.

- Explain the benefits they have for health. Who does not like to be healthy and in good shape? Letting the little ones know that fruits and vegetables will bring them great health benefits will motivate them to continue enjoying these foods.

- Share the kitchen. Another good mechanism for children to try new dishes is to involve them in the preparation process to motivate them to try what they have cooked with their parents.

- Avoid punishments. Punishing for not eating vegetables or fruits is a bad idea since it will cause a greater rejection of this fact that can cause a bad experience in him.

Damián Montero

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