Spanish parents feel guilty for not being able to offer a perfect summer to their children

The summer he arrives with his holidays, a time of relaxation that compensates for so many months of dedication at work and at school. However, at home, not everyone enjoys the same period during the months that make up the summer period. While children have long days without responsibilities, or at least not as many as during the course, parents often must continue to fulfill their work obligations.

A situation that causes many parents to feel guilty about not being able to offer the summer perfect to your children. This is clear from the survey conducted by Groupon where the feelings of 1,500 parents are gathered about what it means for them not to be able to accompany their children during the months of their summer holidays.

Concern before finishing the course

The bad feelings about the summer of their children do not begin in the summer. As stated in this study, 34% of the parents affirm that their concern for their children's holidays appears months before the end of the school year. On the other hand, 75% of participants believe that their plans will not live up to what their children deserve.

It is not surprising that of all of them, the 48% acknowledge feeling guilty for not being able to spend enough time with your children during the summer months. A feeling that grows when surfing the internet and watching social networks images of other parents with their little ones enjoying an excellent summer together.

On the other hand, a 27% of the respondents feel guilty when their child tells them about the activities they have seen their friends do on social networks. In addition, 19% feel the pressure to make the holidays are perfect to look good on the profiles of these platforms.

And what solution do parents apply? Of those who feel guilty about not being able to spend enough time with their children during summer vacations, more than two thirds will spend more money on activities and gifts to compensate their children. An average of € 150 more per week and per child, than they would in another period of the year.

What makes you feel more guilty

This work has also been responsible for analyze the reasons why parents feel more guilty:

- Let children spend too many hours in front of the screens (33%)

- Not being able to afford to go on many trips or perform one day activities (29%)

- Running out of ideas to keep kids entertained (23%)

- Stay at home instead of going out and enjoying different
leisure experiences (21%)

- Feeling that the children of others are enjoying more summer than mine (19%)

- Not being able to afford to go on vacation outside (18%)

- Say no to requests for treats, new toys and trips for children, etc. (18%)

- Do not organize more educational and cultural events (18%)

- The bad behavior of their children in public places (18%)

- Laying the children late (16%)

Damián Montero

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