The dangers of leaving children alone in summer

After many months of school dedication comes summer. Holiday season in which the little ones are not always accompanied by their parents. The labor obligations of the parents persist, in most cases, during the summer period. A situation that makes many children stay at home alone without accompaniment or supervision.

While for an adult to stay single at home is a routine and without risk, for a child this environment alone can become a danger. Not only must we think about the possibility of a child suffering a domestic accident but we must take into account what it means for children that there is no reference to the same as the feeling of loneliness.

Not only accidents

The first thought that goes through the minds of parents is that leaving their children alone at home during the summer makes domestic accidents the greatest danger. While these mishaps may be a fairly logical consequence of the lack of accompaniment, there are other risks that you face:

- Increased risk of child accidents. The lack of parental supervision makes children face alone the risks of the house. A fall from a piece of furniture, the intake of an element that chokes them, not having anyone to care for them in case of illness. These are just some of the dangers he faces.

- Feeling lonely. The figure of parents is very important for children as they become a playmate. Without this presence, the feeling of loneliness increases in the little ones.

- Lack of routines. Parents are the authority figure at home, without them there is no one who can impose routines and an order on the little ones.

- Incentive of sedentary lifestyle. The solution to boredom can be television. On the contrary, the figure of a father can help to encourage physical activity over a sedentary lifestyle.

Reconcile in summer

Given the dangers of leaving children alone at home during the summer, it becomes clear that extreme measures must be taken to achieve conciliation. Here are some tips to work for her during the summer period:

- Organization. Assess the times available and try to adapt the day to them will help to save the hours in the best way possible. Who could leave before, who could stop by and take a look at the children?

- Family and friends. Grandparents are always a good option for children to have someone to watch over them. Similarly, other friends in identical circumstances may have a schedule that allows children to always have someone by their side.

- Telecommuting. If there is a possibility of doing the work, or part of it, from home, the solution is clear. Parents can fulfill their obligations while watching their children.

Damián Montero

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