Ford Tourneo Custom. Refined functionality

When we talk about a car that is functional, we sometimes fall into the temptation of thinking that it is a sober vehicle, in which everything has been arranged to satisfy the values ​​of use, good habitability, capacity for luggage and objects. most common use, benefits according to the needs of users and moderate consumption.

This is a profile that many cars can fulfill and, of course, our protagonist Tourneo Custom. But in this case we talk about a model that since its development the manufacturer has wanted to give a much greater dimension and endow it with the qualities that are expected of a high-end sedan.

With capacity for nine passengers

In short, Ford offers a car whose main characteristic is versatility, with capacity for up to nine passengers, but that is not satisfied with being a simple transport vehicle, because its pretense is that these travel in premium class. Therefore, the first impression is that we are facing an own car of the service of transfers of executives or luxury trips. But it can also be a perfect family car to travel with the comfort of a saloon and the space of a great tourism.

It can hold up to nine passengers, but the model also offers a version, with a luxurious interior and a unique seating configuration in its segment, with six individual seats that can be arranged in a meeting format, with the second row facing the back. Or with the configuration of two rows of three seats facing forward.

Standard in the higher-end versions, each of the six individual seats can be folded and turned into a flat surface, folded down and stowed in numerous locations, or can even be completely removed, allowing users to create a "limousine" type space "

Of course all the interior finishes are made with the greatest care, as well as the selection of exclusive materials, to provide an impression of quality and attention to detail inside the cabin.

Tourism design

In keeping with the refined environment of the interior Ford has taken care of exterior design with a new and daring frontal appearance, which shares the same DNA and design as the latest tourism models of Ford, with a high and dynamic trapezoidal grille and stylized headlights, which flow with the sideline of the vehicle.

The same as in the cars of the brand el Tourneo Custom It has the Ford Sync 3 communication and entertainment system, which allows drivers to control audio, navigation and connected smartphones using simple voice commands and colloquial tone. Simply by pressing a button and saying "I need a coffee", "I need fuel," and "I need to park" drivers can locate coffee shops, gas stations or nearby car parks.

Driver assistance technology

The same applies to driver assistance technologies, and it is the first vehicle in its segment to offer the intelligent speed limiter, that allows the automatic adjustment of the maximum speed of the vehicle to the limits of speed of the road using the system of Recognition of Traffic Signs to detect the speed limit signals.

It also offers the Dead Angles Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert that warns in reverse maneuvers when leaving a parking space of possible vehicles that can cross behind. Equipment that is complemented with the emergency braking system, Pre-collision and Pedestrian Detection Assistant, Lane Maintenance Alert, Lateral Wind Stabilizer and Adaptive Cruise Control.

The new Tourneo Custom mounts the EcoBlue diesel engine, available with powers of 130 and 170 horses, which cover all the needs of users and large improvements in consumption of up to 13 percent.

It can be equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission SelecShift and among its specifications has a unique rear pneumatic suspension system in its segment that allows a homogeneous, agile and controlled in front of a wide variety of load conditions, and optional 17-inch alloy wheels.


Engine: Diesel 2.0 TDCi 130 and 170 HP
Transmission: 6-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic.
Suspension: Front McPherson and rear extruded.
Brakes: Discs on both axes.
Address: Electric rack.
Length / width / height: 4.97 / 1.98 / 1.98 meters
Capacities: Trunk 922 / 2.148 liters, Depot, 70 liters.
Prices: From € 36,070.

Francisco Del Brio

Video: New Ford Tourneo Custom Combined 360 | Ford Belgium

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