How to convey the value of family cooperation

Many are the values ​​that children learn during their development. All of them help them to be formed facing their maturity and to be able to society. The family becomes a transmitter of these skills.

Within the home many teachings can be instilled and among them values ​​such as cooperation. An ability that allows the youngest to learn to work as a team, developing their social aspect and being able to achieve great results by joining their efforts with those of their peers.

Teach to cooperate

From the program KITS, preparation for school based on the evidence from the Oregon Social Learning Center, the following keys are given in order to transmit the value of the cooperation in the family:

- Help children understand what cooperation means. Cooperation is a word that is related to a complicated skill. To understand its meaning, it can be divided into different concepts: 1) take turns, 2) work together, and 3) share.

- Model cooperation at home and with friends. Parents can also help their children learn to cooperate by teaching from home, working together and joining forces for a common goal. In this way they put into practice everything learned.

- Use theatrical games on how to cooperate. When it is difficult to explain with words, you can resort to the representation this explanation emulating real situations to your girl to cooperate in a specific situation. In this way the child is offered the opportunity to practice this in a safe and supported environment.

- Use specific praise to motivate children to practice cooperation. When parents focus their attention on the cooperative skills of children and recognize the successes they have achieved and they know the way forward.

- Plan activities that motivate children to cooperate. Although cooperation can be difficult, it can also be fun. For example, you could tell children to work together so that a balloon does not touch the floor for as long as possible.

Damián Montero

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