The benefits of family breakfast

They say that the breakfast It is the most important meal of the day and not only because it offers the necessary energy to face the rest of the day. Sitting at the table is also the first opportunity to socialize with the family at home. Something that means taking advantage of other levels than the nutritious ones.

Benefits collected Kellog's Nutrition and that show that not only is it recommended have breakfast every day, but to bet to do it in family to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of this activity. A practice that should be encouraged in a time where the rhythms of life make it more difficult to spend time together.

Have breakfast with the family

In this work composed of a review of 17 studies made in different countries it has been observed that sitting at the table with the family three or more times a week, including breakfast, has benefits for children. At a physical level, fulfilling this routine means that:

- 24% more likely to consume healthy foods

- 20% less likely to consume unhealthy foods

- 35% less likely to suffer from eating disorders

- 12% less likely to be overweight

You have to take advantage of the fact that breakfast is the food that it takes less time prepare and consume. Thanks to this, during these moments it is more possible that the members of the household can sit down and talk about how the previous day went and what they expect from them. A formula that will also help to enter work or school more joyfully.

Between the sociological benefits It is worth noting:

- Development of children's communication skills.

- Family ties are strengthened, encouraging communication and trust among the members of the household.

- Good ways are learned at the table and other courtesy formulas.

The good breakfast

Once the benefit that you can have breakfast in the development of children, you have to focus on the components of it. These are the ingredients that should be in the first meal of the day:

- A dairy: glass of milk or yogurt or fresh cheese.

- A cereal: bread (preferably whole grain), cookies, flaked cereals, etc.

- Fruit: any type of whole natural fruit or its juice.

- Some fat in the bread: better olive oil, but it can also be butter.

- Others: low fat sausages such as ham and turkey.

When it comes to instilling the value of breakfast in young people we must remember the role of parents and caregivers as models in relation to good eating habits is important. They must also comply with the rules of this meal and, where possible, share a table with their children.

We must try that children and adolescents do not go short of sleep and get up early enough. This meal does not require much time to be done and it will take 10 or 15 minutes. To accelerate the process you can leave things prepared the night before.

Damián Montero

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