The influence of parents' attitude on their children's grades

There is no doubt that parents have an influence on their children. Any decision of adults can have consequences in the choices of the smallest. But to what extent does this influence come? From the portal Educa Peques it is determined that even the attitude shown by the parents can be echoed in the notes of the smallest of the house.

A way to indicate that the attitude of parents can benefit or harm the school performance of children. While classmates and other agents in their environment can also influence, the close family with which the child grows is related to the attitude of children in the academic field and their school performance, and therefore in the notes.

How the father figure influences the school notes

At this point, it is worth wondering how a father can influence his children's school performance. The answer is: in many ways, from encouraging them to look for a future better through their studies, until the celebration of achievements when these occur. Therefore, it is worth asking: how to affect positively? Here are some tips for this:

- Step by Step. If you want your child to be an excellent student, you can not pretend that this change occurs immediately, but it is possible to work so that after a while your grades improve gradually.

- Celebrate each of the children's achievements. In this way they will be motivated to continue working in these small conquests.

- Avoid comparisons of children with others who have better school performance or remember their own success at their age. Putting both cases together will only generate jealousy that will prevent the child from concentrating on achieving the goal for himself and for his own happiness.

- Avoid discouraging phrases. One of the most important things for a child is to feel that it reaches the expectations of the parents. If there is no motivation on the way to the goal, he is likely to feel that it is not worth the effort.

- Every child needs the affection of their parents so that the school performance is better. Something that should not result in overprotection, but in avoiding rejection of the child or threatening punishment on a constant basis.

Influence of parents

From the Family Population Development Association, FADEP, the importance of the father figure in any area of ​​the children's life is indicated. From these three perspectives every parent can end up altering, for better or for worse, the development of their children:

- Human capital. The care that mothers and fathers give their children is very limited by their human capital. Parents with a high level of human capital not only encourage the enriching activities of their children, but also promote behaviors that directly relate to school success.

- Social capital. The quality of the relationship between parents and the child represents an important component. The father's support increases child welfare.

- Value of the example. Children learn with the simple observation of those around them, and parents are the adults most present in their daily lives. Children who observe how elders treat others with respect, handle conflict situations in an effective manner and have responsible behavior, are more likely to emulate those same behaviors throughout their lives.

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