Reading to children helps them have a better management of their emotions

The reading is present in children's lives in different ways, from children's books that teach them to recognize letters and enjoy this activity, until those previous moments sleep where a father tells a story printed on paper to his son. In fact, reading to the little ones is a highly recommended practice for many reasons ranging from narrowing the paternal-filial bond, to allowing the little ones to enter a state conducive to rest.

And now, a study by the University of New York, published in the journal Pediatrics, stresses that read helps children to improve the management of their emotions. Something that will allow the little ones to have an improvement in their social relationships, as well as greater success at school level to be able to control negative behavior

Warm environment

This work closely followed the practices of 675 families and took into account the activities they did at home, including reading before going to sleep. After compiling this information through recordings where the parents appeared performing these tasks, or others that involved the creation of a "warm and welcoming environment". Another example was to see the parents playing with their children.

Children who had parents who had created said warm environment They had better control of their emotions and a greater capacity for attention. Something that had its consequences in school because thanks to these skills, they were able to retain the lesson better and therefore obtain better grades.

How are these explained results? Those responsible for this work point out that while a father performs these activities, the child invests attention in them. In this case, while reading a story, the youngest should focus their senses on following the thread of the story. On the other hand, children also work patterns of good behavior knowing that they should not interrupt their parents at this time.

Same results as in those cases where parents play with their children, so those responsible for this work insist on the need to invest time together with the little ones. In this way not only will a better bond be assured, but the little ones will benefit from developing these skills.

Other benefits of reading to children

The improvement of care is just one of the Benefits that children receive when their parents read to them. These are other results related to this activity:

- Promotion of reading in children. If children have books close by in this way, they will relate them to a pleasurable activity and will be more willing to immerse themselves in them when they are offered to read them for themselves.

- Promotion of the bond between parents and children. Spending time together helps parents strengthen ties with their children and they see in parents a figure close to whom to go when something goes wrong. The investment of hours in the present is an excellent idea for the future.

- Improvement of rest. Reading to children in bed helps them to relax and therefore have a greater predisposition to sleep. Of course, you have to know how to choose what is told to avoid unnecessary shocks.

- Learning new vocabulary. When parents read their children, they learn new words and the closeness of adults is the best way to explain any vocabulary they do not understand.

- Fosters your imagination. Unlike movies, books do not show images. The little ones should strive to reproduce in their heads what is being told to them.

Damián Montero

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