Early stimulation with music: 4 types of activities

What can be better for a child who enjoy a moment of music, in the company of his mother, his father, his teacher and his friends? Advances in research on the early stimulation with music they are the scientific basis of the music and movement sessions. Children - happy to be able to "show off" their parents to their classmates and teachers - and the dads - aware that they actively collaborate in the global formation of the child - spend this time listening, singing, moving, accompanying rhythms ...

Children can access an early stimulation program with music from 18 months and stay up to three years. During this learning, they prepare with exercises to develop their musical abilities in the most natural way: accompanied by their parents and mothers, and through the game.

The influence of parents in musical learning

Parents are the main and richest source of learning and motivation of the child in early stimulation with music. In addition, the idea of ​​these sessions is to provide the child with a complete musical experience. Although sometimes difficult, parents who have enrolled in a music stimulation program should try not to miss these sessions, in which close contact between them and the educators is of special importance to the child - and, consequently, to its use and development-, because it helps to build an especially cheerful and magical environment for him.

Freedom of musical expression

In the sessions of early stimulation with music It is important that children can listen and participate freely, and that each one acts in their own way.

In this way, in the sessions there are no impositions, restrictions or demands, and children are allowed to participate actively and voluntarily in the exercises, seek refuge from the maternal arms, or "unmarked" by taking a solitary walk through the classroom ... with the assurance that all of them are storing knowledge and experiences that, in the future, will be of benefit to them for their global development.

Young children are prepared, trained and with great curiosity to vocalize different sounds, to move, to listen, to play simple instruments and for many other things.

4 types of musical activities

There is a wide variety of musical activities, which can be grouped into four main blocks to work with early music stimulation:

To sing. Taking advantage of melodies and traditional songs, which are familiar to the child, sounds are selected to favor vocal development. These are songs of welcome and farewell, repetitive, with simple vocabulary, melodies without lyrics, songs to make "echo", solos ... They also use more unusual tones and others longer, such as nannies, that adults enjoy singing and the children listening.

Movement. It is the child's favorite response to music, and allows him to accompany the rhythm-flutter, clap, swing-or develop his agility, flexibility, coordination and balance-when jumping, crawling or walking. Techniques are also used for the child to develop spatial concepts, express himself with his body, dance with mom, move within a group ...

Hear. In an environment full of sounds, the child has to learn to distinguish the cry of a baby, the passage of a train, a dog ... Certain instrumental pieces serve as a starting point for body expression.

Play instruments. In these sessions, children can play instruments specially adapted for them, and check the cause-effect relationship between what their hands touch and the sounds produced, each one picks their rhythm and the others accompany them with palms, boats ...

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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