The essence Bugaboo: highlights what you love most

Whether you're a new mom or you have to buy another cart for your new baby and want advice, take note: There is nothing like a Bugaboo. When you fold it, lift it or load it, you realize ... the Bugaboo strollers adapt to any situation without any effort.

And if what you like is to enjoy a smooth ride both in the city and in your weekend and holiday getaways, strollers Bugaboo they offer a dreamy maneuverability, which has made this Dutch brand that was born in 1999 and now comes of age, in the brand of strollers preferred by many mothers and fathers around the world.

From its first stroller to the last, the designers of Bugaboo they have not stopped creating. Each new model, each new generation, each new limited edition, each new collection of accessories, fabrics or colors is a plus, a collection of wonderful advantages that make the stroller unique for each family.

The essence and versatility of the 6 Bugaboo strollers

Bugaboo Cameleon
Without a doubt, one of the most stylish strollers. It is the first, the MIto, the hallmark of the brand, versatile and complete that fits all ages and walks. Among its main features already known are the handlebar and the reversible chair, the suspension of the wheels, its folding separately and the wide lower basket. Do you know all the limited editions you have available? In addition to the Classic +, Kite and Atelier you can also create your own to enjoy a modern classic.

Bugaboo Donkey
It is the latest model that has come to market. Both in its Mono version and in the Twin version it offers thousands of possibilities. It is ideal to carry your kids, whether they are twins or twins, as if they are brothers who take little time. Hard and resistant, it allows you to carry everything you can imagine and also has a compact folding when you carry it with the hammock. The new, elegant and timeless edition Bugaboo Donkey Classic +, in navy blue and inner lining quilting ivory, is simply wonderful.

Bugaboo Buffalo
The Bugaboo Buffalo is indispensable for those parents who love discovering things. It does not matter if it is a complicated road through the urban or cross-country jungle. You will find it very comfortable, whether you move through the city or through the hardest roads.
Versatile, robust and spacious, the Bugaboo Buffalo that folds into one piece has several options for luggage, a very spacious chair and an extendable hood for greater protection against the elements.

Bugaboo Bee
Meet the most comfortable urban stroller with more personalization options, and stroll along the streets of the city at your own pace. The compact chassis, its incredible handling with one hand and its folding in one piece make it very easy to upload it to a taxi or the subway. It is the perfect choice for urban adventurers with a newborn or child! Your little one can enjoy the comfort of his padded chair that grows with him.

Bugaboo Runner
Designed taking into account the needs of active parents, the Bugaboo Runner comes in two versions: as a complete stroller to practice running or as an independent chassis for current owners of a Bugaboo, offering an athlete extension very easy to attach. It has a spacious and easily accessible shopping basket, which will keep all your things in place during the race. One of the exclusive functions of the Bugaboo Runner is that you can choose to place the chair in the position looking at you or looking at the world. What are you waiting for? Go running!

Marina Berrio

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