Fun in the snow, tips to enjoy safely

Winter is still among us, although it gives us several days of respite. The days of snow They remain insured and they offer a great activity for the whole family. From the practice of skiing for the most athletic, to simply a tourist visit to enjoy these landscapes, they are good ideas to enjoy with your loved ones. But do not forget about security.

From the road, until the time to develop activities playful, we must take into account a series of security notions to avoid potential problems and that this day of fun ends in the worst possible way. Leisure does not exempt from following certain rules to ensure a quiet day and avoid that everything ends up getting mad.

Before leaving home

The search for safety in snow Start before leaving home. On the one hand, we must ensure a good wardrobe to cope with low temperatures before reaching the destination. It is recommended in this sense to dress in layers, in this sense a mesh or fat socks should compose the first, as well as thermal shirts. From here it will be necessary to put thick and waterproof pants to avoid that the humidity reaches the lower extremities.

In the case of the upper part, it is recommended to place layers. On thermal t-shirt It is recommended to put another waterproof sleeve so that moisture does not reach the chest. The rest can be composed of cotton, nothing happens if you exceed this clothing, if you enter restaurants or coffee shops, you can always remove it to avoid heat. Of course, do not forget the coat, scarf and gloves, as well as sunglasses to avoid the damage that the reflection of the sun in the snow produces.

Adults also have to remember to tune up their car. As recommended by the Traffic Department, DGT, it is essential to check the vehicle to detect possible failures that cause a breakdown during the trip. You also have to have a set of chains in the trunk to drive through these areas. On the other hand, this organism remembers the need to be cautious.

Before leaving, it is recommended to listen to the weather reports to know if the state of the road is correct and if a storm is expected with snowfall during the day. Prevention also plays an important role during the trip, as for example, driving at low speed before the possibility of ice platelets in the road.

Once at the destination

After the trip and arriving at the destination it is very important to also follow the security rules of the place. In snow stations there are areas bounded either because they are intended for sports, or because of their danger. You have to make it clear that you can not go beyond that limit and pay attention if during the game the children get distracted and end up inside, or any danger arrives improvised.

At the same time it is recommended to avoid some activities such as the intake of snow that can attract the attention of children. On the other hand, it is advisable to bring water to avoid dehydration since it must be remembered that physical activity is being practiced.

In the event that the family plans to play a sport in the snow, they must prepare the necessary safety equipment or make sure that they can rent it when arriving at the place of destination. In the same way, at the time of starting to carry out this activity, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the monitors and the safety rules of the runway, as well as avoid disturbing the rest of the visitors.

Damián Montero

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