Change the attitude of children with sugary drinks, key in the fight against obesity

Along with a sedentary lifestyle, too many products with too much sugar It is one of the main causes of childhood overweight and obesity. Their ads are too attractive and taste more palatable make children have an attitude of acceptance and desire for these items, especially with drinks that are too present in the diet of children.

This is alerted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention United States that warns of the increasing presence of beverages sugary in children's meals. A situation that is causing the appearance of more cases of type 2 diabetes and children with obesity.

Importance of the fatherly attitude

The researchers of this center remember there are several studies that have shown that the consumption of sugary drinks "is associated with the weight gain, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. "It also warns that all these problems have serious negative health consequences in the future of children.

Packaged juices, carbonated soft drinks, smoothies, iced teas. There are few drinks on the market that have high levels of sugar and are present in children's diet either at breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, and even in some cases, as a snack. Products that have the approval of the parents.

According to these experts, parents should not allow the consumption of these products so regularly. They recommend that at meals change soft drinks sweetened by water and that in breakfasts and snacks packaged juices are replaced by natural juices or milk. It is also explained that the attitude of the smallest to these products should be channeled from the first hour.

Children should understand that although these drinks are tasty, they can be very harmful to them. Minors have to accept that their consumption is reduced to special occasions and that not always when they feel like it they can drink them since this may end up accepting health. Here the attitude of the rest of the household is very important since the whole family must be guided by these rules so that the child can also fulfill them.

The recommended sugar

What amount of sugar is recommended for the smallest of the house? The American Heart Association indicates that "children should not take more than six tablespoons of sugar daily." However, this figure is often exceeded by the large number of drinks and foods that contain this ingredient.

This body explains that a single sweetened drink of 355 milliliters It contains 10 teaspoons of this ingredient, equivalent to 150 calories. A figure that far exceeds this recommendation so it becomes clear that at home parents should be more careful with this type of product at home encouraging children not to take them so assiduously.

Damián Montero

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