The elegant child: good manners naturally

Not because they are short and young they have to be less elegant. Elegance, at its most elementary level, begins to be inculcated from very young and consists simply in educating, conscientiously; in this way, good manners will come out naturally.

Being smart today is not easy. It is of little use for the child to be able to drink the five o'clock tea without raising the little finger, if they do not work before behavioral modes based on values ​​such as respect, the spirit of service, delicacy or sobriety.

The basis of all elegance is to instill in the child the importance of taking others into consideration and trying to make their lives more pleasant, cultivating all the qualities that have to do with the deal. A child can also -and should- attract, dazzle and be charming, because a person's reputation begins to be carved as a child. Good manners are a child's best calling card and, of course, he says a lot about his parents.

We are all very critical of the children of others, we are eagles to detect defects and green other children without knowing, perhaps, that our little one does not show good manners and standards of education in another's home.

Obviating the classics of knowing to be such as not snot, not eat with your hand under the table, do not speak with your mouth full, do not interrupt ... (also educable, but we all have identified), what should we work with children so that they do not behave like kaffirs when they are not within the reach of our scrutinizing eye? In their favor, they belong to a generation with much more self-confidence, which treats older people more naturally than 30 years ago, and that can be very positive.

Faults of knowing how to be of children when they leave home

These are the possible faults of knowing how to be when our children leave home, for example, when they go to a friend's house and what their origins are:

Case: friend of your son who does not greet you or say goodbye, usually looks the other way or suddenly connects with the hereafter if he sees you on the street.
Probable cause: it's okay, it may be shyness, but beware of the child who at home does not say good night at bedtime, nor the good morning when he gets up; when the neighbors greet him it is as if he were deaf; He leaves the house without saying goodbye and when he enters the door after school instead of saying "Hi, my darling mom", he says: "I want Nocilla's sandwich".

Be helpful
Case: little attentive child. You rarely notice the needs of others, you can drop 5 cans of tomato on top of the head that the toddler does not move a finger.
Probable cause: girls, in general, are more willing. Aquilino Polaino says that we are the mothers who have to teach the sons to be attentive, so we already know, when he goes to sneak in front of a door, grab him by the ear and when we go to the top of bags say " AHEM!" very strong. If you do not realize directly endorsing the bags that weigh more.

Be willing
Case: guest child who eats in another's house and leaves the plate on the table, waiting for the butler to remove it.
Probable cause: he is a young gentleman, he does not give stick to the water at home.

Speak with -certain- property
Case: child who swears when he speaks with the parents of friends, as if it were the most academic thing in the world
Probable cause: for our tranquility, according to expert educators, it is not all bad for a child to swear; The worrying thing is that the child does not know how to discern where they can say and where they can not. That is, the child has to have several records and know where to apply them. Logically in front of the parents can not swear, or visit in the house of aunt Paca, who is also Marchioness.

Treat older people with respect
Case: Friend of 2nd Primary who treats you with excessive confidence, sometimes even strangles because of his impertinences.
Likely cause: clearly the child, who is very colleague of their parents, so colleague that they speak as colleagues and say mutual impertinences.

Know how to converse
Case: a boy who is abducted by Martians, does not look at your face when he talks to you and lives in the Andromeda galaxy.
Probable cause: the parents do not look him in the eye or listen to him when he tells a little story, or they make them listen while they say "aha, aha *", while they are typing the BlackBerry as possessed.

Be thankful
Case: it is not already that says the magic words, that is phenomenal, gives the hit and even it seems that the child is called Fauntleroy instead of Lopez; I mean the child who when you give him a gift does not open it immediately but leaves it parked, especially when it looks like a book, or does not tell the host mother that the curried lentils were delicious, or that it has been an authentic Pleasure to spend the afternoon in your apartment of 70 square meters.
Probable cause: child who has everything, who is the first to see the movie premiere and has the biggest tacos in the collections of trading cards. Belongs to the "Chinese generation", they buy him not because he needs it or his birthday, but because it is cheap. It does not value the small pleasures of life.

Case: a boy who, when he goes to other houses, arrives at the conjugal room at 0`4 sg., Tests his mother's shoes and jumps on the bed. He'll probably take a couple of things with him and arm the chicken before leaving the house if he can not get them.
Probable cause: clearly it is a child who has no limits, everything is allowed and all his desires are satisfied. The mother of this specimen likes to teach the children of others to share, provided it is with her cherub, of course. This type of mother is usually placed in the park standing guard in front of the one who swings because the child has craved it. He pretends to talk privately with his son, but in reality he raises the level of decibels while insinuating: "Pedrito, you have to be patient, now the child is, when you get off you go up, but now he is, he has little left to get off, wait your turn civically because the child is generous and if he does not get off I'll have to take him down ".

Be cheerful and conformist
Case: Invited child that the host father said excitedly, -as if it were the latest news- "We're going for a walk!", Instead of jumping up and exclaiming "Excellent idea, Mr. López", he thinks that better we stay at home or directly exclaims "Jooooo, what a roll".
Probable cause: does the Martian play so much or do he see television so much that his imagination has dried up and he does not know how to entertain himself with anything else?

Eat everything
Case: another child that you would like to strangle when you look at the star dish, in which you have been careful since the day before, as if saying "What the hell is this?"
Likely cause: clearly contrasts with the child accustomed to eat everything, that even has words of approval towards the lentils that later you proved that they knew how to lightning.

Marina Echánove. Stylist and writer. Author of the book Your style. The keys to elegance, femininity and distinction, by Editorial Palabra

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