Seizures, vomiting and rashes, lesser-known first aid

If the child suffers a cut, it is necessary to go to the first aid kit, cure with disinfectant products and apply a band aid. If you usually head, an analgesic and far from noise and strong lights to avoid its increase. These are basic first aid that are used routinely at home to solve situations that are more or less common in the day to day of the children.

However, there are other times that can to surprise to the parents, either because of the impression they can cause, in case of vomiting, or because they are unusual situations and in which it is unknown how to apply first aid. However, just as when a wound appears in the dermis of the child, or when a migraine occurs, in these problems you can also act in order to relieve the pain of the smallest of the house.


The Madrid's community offers a list with tips for parents and educators to know how to deal with several situations in which the youngest children can be involved. An example is vomiting, which can scare those who take care of children because of the violence with which they happen in some cases. And it is not for less since it is about the violent expulsion of the contents of the stomach through the mouth.

In most cases they are produced by a viral infection of the digestive tube. In this document, other causes such as blows to the head, neurological or digestive diseases and intoxications are also postulated. These situations must be answered in the following ways:

- After vomiting, allow the digestive rest of the child, that is, not offer anything to eat or drink for 20 or 30 minutes.

- If the vomit has been a great expulsion, oral rehydration serum can be used

- Do not administer medication to cut vomiting without medical prescription. It could provoke an allergic reaction that worsens the situation.

- See the doctor if the vomiting persists or presents a strange color, or the presence of blood is observed. The presence of a strong headache or abdomen, or if the child is decayed, sleepy or very irritable, are also symptoms to go to the emergency room.


Another situation that can be imposed on parents is to undress their children and find that their body is full of spots. That is, the presence of rashes. In this document the rashes are defined, represented in reddish spots on the skin that usually disappear when the skin is stretched with the fingers or when pressing with a transparent glass. They are usually caused by infections that are generally mild or also due to allergies, in which case they tend to itch. It is recommended to consult the doctor if they are accompanied by fever or decay.

On the other hand, they also remember what petechiae, small rashes or red spots produced by a hemorrhage on the skin. We must distinguish the rash with the glass test, which consists of placing a transparent glass cup on top of the stain and squeezing. If it does not disappear, it's that they are petechiae. These rashes can become serious because they are usually associated with acute infections or coagulation disorders. Therefore it is recommended to see the doctor urgently after confirming them.


Finally, the seizures They can also impress parents and educators by the violent shaking that occurs in the little ones. They are usually caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

Must have extreme care because they can cause a sudden loss of consciousness and a fall to the ground, or a blow to the head with a piece of furniture. After the seizure, the child usually stays sleepy, confused or disoriented for a while, after which it will return apparently to normal. In these episodes it is also possible for the child to urinate in his pants.

Specialists recommend in these situations, act as follows:

- Keep calm

- Place the child in a safe place, lying on his side, with a pillow or towel under his head and move away objects with which he can hit himself.

- Wait for the seizure episode to subside. If you have not given in 2 minutes and the doctor has prescribed a medication is the time of administration. If the seizure continues, it will be necessary to request help through the emergency telephone number.

Damián Montero

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