Ford S-Max: traveling in company

The family vocation of Ford cars has its best expression in the S-Max, which in addition to its good qualities to travel in company, with many friends or family, does so with great generosity. To what has been said previously Ford S-Max sum comfort, thanks to the slack of its interior, fruit of the 4.8 meters in length and the capacity of seven square of series.

This general description is like this from the birth of the model, which is now offered with all the technical innovations of the brand to make driving safer, new driving aids, greater functionality of the passenger compartment and the latest in connectivity.

In order to fully understand the vehicle's performance in the most realistic conditions possible, we have carried out the test with the Ford S-Max occupied by four people, a large Kennel-type booth for a pet and all the luggage, with the configuration of five seats.

The feeling of space is huge

The first thing to note is that with the aforementioned configuration and occupation, the feeling of space is enormous. As we say the Ford S-Max it comes standard for seven seats, although it can be requested with only two rows of seats and five seats, which means a discount of 750 euros. With the configuration of seven seats is a trunk volume of 700 liters, when only five seats are used.

Also next to gate there is a drawer 15 centimeters deep where you can take many objects of more usual use and protected from sight. Also, in the trunk there are metal brackets to hold nets or braces to hold the larger objects, during the trip. The Ford S-MAX also a 12 volt electrical outlet and two lighting points.

The passengers on the front of the Ford S-MAX enjoy adaptable seats, with several air cushions to better adapt the body in both comfort and to ensure maximum support and safety. And it is possible to have a relaxing massage system.

To be able to modulate the rear space, the seats can be moved easily, with the "Easy Access" system, to move forward the seats at the ends of the second row and to access the third row of seats. In addition, it is possible to tilt the backrests of the seats in the second row, which is very practical when the three seats are occupied by adults, so that they do not hit the shoulders.

Security technology

Apart from small but significant image details, the new Ford S-Max it is distinguished by the incorporation of the latest safety systems of the brand, especially those related to driving aids, such as the pre-collision assistant, which activates the brake if an accident occurs and an alert sounds. The tadaptive headlamp technology Led, with long lights that do not dazzle, as they detect vehicles coming in the opposite direction and reduce their intensity so as not to disturb, while maintaining the intensity in the rest of the light beam.

Intelligent speed assistance allows you to adjust the speed limit according to the information received by the Traffic Sign Recognition system and navigation systems. They also alert the driver if the driver does not stay in the lane or change to another lane without prior warning with the lights. Likewise, the blind angle fin system is very practical to normal vision.

As a novelty in this generation is the technology of Camera Front view departure, which facilitates the circulation in crossings or parking spaces with reduced visibility much easier thanks to the use of a 180-degree camera system installed on the front of the vehicle. The Adaptive Cruise Control uses a front radar to allow drivers to maintain a certain distance from the vehicle in front of them.

The mechanical offer has EcoBoost petrol engines of 160 and 240 horses and in diesel with powers of 120, 150, 180 and 210 horses. The unit that we tested equipped a diesel TDCi engine with 180 horses, in the top termination Vignale, which had all the safety innovations cited and even more of its long list.

In the mentioned circumstances of occupation and the power of its engine it was possible to make a trip with a speed always close to the legal limits and more than acceptable consumption, which never exceeded 7 liters per 100 km, with the help of the automatic transmission PowerShift

Versions with 150 and 180 horsepower diesel engines can mount the all-wheel drive system, which is very practical when driving on roads with poor grip and even dirt roads.

Ford S-MAX data sheet

Engine: Gasoline EcoBoost 1.5 of 160 CV and 2.0 of 240 CV. Diesel TDCi 2.0 of 120, 150 and 180 HP and 2.0 biturbo of 210 HP.
Transmission: 6 speed manual changeand automatic six-speed Powershift and all-wheel drive.
Suspension: Front McPherson and parallelogram rear.
Brakes: Discs, the ventilated front.
Address: Zip and electric assistance.
Length / width / height: 4.79 / 1.913 / 1.65 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 700 / 2,200 liters. Deposit, 70 liters.
Prices: From € 28,225 to € 36,875.

Francisco del Brío Newsmotor

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