Decalogue to start exercising

Among the good purposes that we all have, above all, in health, there is the one of exercise. Wearing shoes and sportswear is not easy in principle, but certainly the most difficult thing is to do it consistently and regularly as sports practice requires to favor the health benefits of the whole family.

10 tips for exercising without throwing in the towel

The benefits of exercise for cardiovascular health, weight control, muscle toning ... are well known, but require perseverance. To avoid "dying in the attempt", Dr. Beatriz Martínez Pascual, director of the Health and Sports Area of ​​the European University, offers us these tips:

1. Choose your sport. Feel what you like most. Individual exercise, collective classes, group sports ... Everything will depend on the time you can spend, the objectives you have set, your physical shape at that time and also your age.

2. Get up to date. Body Pump, HIT, Crossfit, Zumba ... what has happened to the traditional aerobics classes? Currently, there are new activities designed for all types of public. Indoor or outdoor practices that you will have to inform you to see which one best suits what you are looking for.

3. Dosificar. Start little by little and give your body and your mind time to get used to the new routine. It has the initial stitches and avoids making an overstrain that can be counterproductive and is capable of ending our purpose. Be patient, you will soon begin to notice the advances.

4. Eat well.Your body will need a balanced diet that will provide enough energy for new energy demands. If you want to lose weight, eating healthy does not mean eating little or eating badly, but rather the opposite. Include all the food groups in your diet and rest enough.

5. Set goals for the short term. The relationship with the sport must be lasting so that it can report benefits. Short-term goals help maintain the illusion of the first day until exercise becomes a routine and is part of your life.

6. Integrate sport in your life. Going from a sedentary lifestyle to an obsession with sports can lead to frequent injuries ... Walking or a bicycle ride are simple practices that can complement more "intense" activities. The combination of both activities will avoid subjecting your body to muscle overload.

7. Listen to your body. Our body communicates with us through multiple signals, we must learn to listen to it and respect our limits. Take a short break when we feel "loaded" can prevent us from spending a long season in the dry dock. In addition, phases such as warm-up or stretching are key to accommodating the body to our new lifestyle.

8. Prepare your equipment. Proper footwear, comfortable and breathable clothing. There are more and more options offered by brands, aware of the benefits of practicing sports in all aspects of life. Equip yourself with what is necessary for your level.

9. Go to the physiotherapist. If the discomfort begins, do not let it accumulate. Go to a physiotherapist to avoid injuries. The human body is the most precise machine on the planet. Put yourself in the hands of professionals to take care of your body in case of injury. It is important to recover correctly and with the necessary time before returning to the sports dynamic.

10. Take the initiative.You are the protagonist of this story and you will have to take the initiative. Any date is good to start with your new lifestyle, so the sooner you get to exercise, the better!

Dr. Beatriz Martínez Pascual.Director of the Health and Sports Area of ​​the European University

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