When mom sleeps well, the child also

What doubt fits the influence of parents in raising a child? From these father figures many values ​​and attitudes are transmitted to the smallest of the house, even more matters than you might think. Specifically, the habits of dream they could also be transferred to the smallest of the house, as a study of the University of Warwick.

An investigation that highlights how the dream of the mother influences that of the children. If the woman sleeps badly, her children will do the same, and vice versa. One more proof of how in the bosom of the family the influence among all the members is deeper than one might think.

Family time

The team headed by the doctor Sakari Lemola analyzed a total of 200 children between 7 and 12 years old. All of them were subjected to a control by electroencephalography of their activity at night, like their parents. This sought to share the rest of the elderly and children at home to check if there was any common pattern between them.

Although years were found common elements between the level of rest of parents and children, in the case of mothers were common patterns. The study found an association between cases of insomnia mom and cases in which their children slept poorly. The answer? The weather that every figure happens with their children, and that in the case of the mother is greater.

Lemola explains that these data will help treat sleep problems in the future from a family perspective. Therapies that take into account all the members of the household, especially the smallest ones. This work corroborates the theory that rest habits are transmitted from parents to children. Something that is not only explained from the perspective of education because the little ones also share the DNA of the parents, and perhaps have a similar tendency to sleep badly.

Sleep habits

To ensure a good rest in children, nothing better than working to instill good sleep habits. These are some tips to get it:

- Save long naps. In fact, it is not essential that the child nap. The important thing is to rest after the meal even if doing quiet activities such as coloring.

- Accustom the child to dinner soon. A copious dinner and at the end of the night is usually the enemy of a correct and peaceful night's rest. In addition, an early dinner is healthy for your stomach and digestion.

- Place a light guitates. Some children are afraid of the dark. To avoid these little terrors, a little light in the socket of your room will solve the problem. Thus there will always be a point of reference to which you can look during the night without having the feeling of absolute solitude.

- Game schedules. No child likes to interrupt their games to go to bed. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to warn them sufficiently in advance that the bedtime has arrived. This way they will be able to finish what they are doing with time before going to sleep.

- If the child is thirsty at night, the most practical thing is to leave a special plastic cup for small children on the bedside table next to his bed. In this way he will solve the need soon and return to rest

- Use relaxing music. A good trick to sleep the most difficult is to put in their room relaxing music in a very low tone.

Damián Montero

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