Summer family conflicts, how to treat them

Summer is a time when most families are reunited. After a long time between work, school and other responsibilities, the members of the household finally have time to be together and share great moments. Perfect occasions to communicate with each other and in this way strengthen your bond to get to know each other a little more.

But sometimes all this time together leads to discussions that bring up tensions maintained throughout the year. In addition, as in any coexistence it is possible that the fact of seeing things in a different way may end up causing a fight. Do not let these negative feelings mark the holiday season, but on the contrary, know how to manage these moments to make the most of the opportunity offered these days to strengthen the bond.

Inflection point

If the whole family waits this time of the year to enjoy the holidays, it is necessary to ask why then discuss and you do not take advantage of this time together. The answer is at the turning point of this time of year. The rest of months each member has organized his routine and has adapted to it, when the free time begins, an alteration of this day to day begins.

An alteration that also means adapting to other people. A good example is the organization of a trip where everyone gives their point of view and tensions can appear when an agreement is not reached on the destination and the places to visit. Another example of how a conflict can arise is the case of adolescent children, who, in some cases, prefer to invest their free time in friends and not in their family.

Keys to survive the discussions

Do not let these quarrels give rise to a bad summer in family. It is necessary to put of ours to solve these tensions and to enjoy the vacations to the maximum, and what is more important, to enjoy the rest of members of the home:

- Plan and discuss summer plans. Do not leave everything for the last minute due. The tastes and preferences of each member should be put on the table well in advance at the time of deciding destination.

- Organize the tasks. In the summer free time grows, but this does not mean that there are no responsibilities. You have to distribute them in an efficient way and not allowing anyone to overload to avoid tense situations.

- Take into account the tastes of everyone. The holidays are presented as the best option to develop each one's hobbies. For this reason you have to take into account the tastes of each member so that none of them is left without doing what they really like.

- Avoid conflicting conversation topics. The holidays are a time of relaxation, it is important not to bring up conflicts of the past but try to forgive them to make the most of this time.

- Rediscover your family. At this time, as we have said, you can develop the hobbies and hobbies of each member of the family. A great time to meet your children, and even your partner, sharing these points of view and knowing their own world from their perspective.

- Be flexible and give in at some moments. The holidays are a moment to enjoy ourselves and our family, that should be our main objective. Sometimes it is more worthwhile to let a grudge pass than to focus on it and cause a tense moment that upsets the harmony.

Damián Montero

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