Juices and smoothies versus whole fruits and vegetables

Juices, smoothies and smoothies should not replace the consumption of whole vegetables and fruits because they can trigger caloric consumption because of its high sugar content. Its rapid digestion, compared to the time required for whole fruits and vegetables, produces blood sugar spikes that can end up overloading the pancreas. The ideal recipe for a smoothie is set in three vegetables and one fruit, with no added sugar.

In recent times, smoothies or combination of fruit and whipped vegetables have gained strength as a simple and quick way to increase the supply of vitamins, fiber and minerals. However, the truth is that to be more attractive to the palate, the percentage of fruit versus vegetables is usually very uneven, when they do not contain added sugars or shortening to achieve a more pleasant texture.

More vegetables and no added sugars

For example, a smoothie that contains an apple, an orange, a carrot and a sprig of celery contains a high amount of sugar: that of the fruit (which, in this case, proportionally exceeds the volume of the vegetable) must be added that of the carrot, also rich in sugar.

When, in addition, the smoothie instead of being made at home, is bought outside, the probability that it contains more than fruit and vegetables is high. "The added problem when they are not homemade and we take them on a terrace, or buy them in a supermarket, is that their labels claim to be offering natural products but the truth is that, in most cases, they are usually loaded with sweeteners, sugars or even nut butter, raising calories exponentially, "explains Mireia Benlliure, Vithas Nisa Hospital nutritionist and pharmacist.

Thus, the ideal recipe for a smoothie would be three parts of vegetable versus one of fruit. Cucumber, spinach, carrot and pear, for example. One way to compensate for a less sweet taste that, in principle, can be more appetizing, is to look for refreshing and attractive forms to flavor the smoothie, such as a few leaves of mint, mint or ginger.

Recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables

The fact that both smoothies, smoothies and juices are processed by cutting their ingredients, liquefying them or crushing them and then drinking them, reduces the work of the digestive system and in a few minutes we take what we would take time to eat and, maybe for that reason , the intake would be less.

"Any food taken naturally will better preserve the fiber of the fruit and serve to slow down the process that makes sugar go into the blood, this will also satisfy us longer and make us not hungry when we have consumed a smoothie "explains Benlliure.

On the other hand, that immediacy in the consumption of a drunk product discourages turning it into the only way to eat fruit and vegetables, since it can produce important peaks of blood sugar, with its corresponding drops, not recommended.

In short, smoothies are a good alternative if you do not have much time and you want to eat at least half of the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables. But we can not overestimate this preparation; In no case should the intake of whole fruits and vegetables be substituted 100% in the recommended amount per day.

Marina Berrio
Advice: Mireia Benlliure, nutricionista y farmacéutica de Hospitals Vithas Nisa.

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