Vocational training, a job opportunity for young people

Find the first job It is not an easy task. But no matter how complicated this issue is, there is something that can not be denied: training is needed to be more successful in the conquest of a job. Studying is the key to achieving this goal, either through the university or through professional training.

Choose a professional training as an exit labor It is a pretty acceptable option. In fact, from the OECD it is estimated that until 2020 "about two thirds of the growth in employment will take place in the category of technicians with a Vocational Training Degree in Middle and Higher Education".

Increase in registrations

The data that these years have been offering Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports show the increase in enrollment and graduates in Vocational Training. The numbers of the study Insertion in the Labor Market. Graduates of FP of the Educational System.

During the last eight years the number of Vocational Training registrations has grown by 59% since the 2007-2008 courses, from 462,492 to 733.688 students enrolled in this type of education. In addition, the employment data recorded among people who are enrolled in this type of teaching.

Despite the economic crisis, the hiring of people who have completed Vocational Training has increased by 14% since 2014. This makes this type of teaching an option to find a job once these courses have been completed.

The most successful modules

The data collected by the Ministry of Employment also includes the modules that have the most job opportunities for students:

- Administrative Management Technician. 155,649 contracts in 2015.

- Technician in Nursing Auxiliary Care. 115,761 contracts in 2015.

- Higher Technician in Administration and Finance. 98,913 contracts in 2015.

- Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education. 30,001 contracts in 2015.

- Electromechanical Technician of Motor Vehicles. 26,455 contracts in 2015

- Hairdresser and Hair Cosmetics Technician. 23,691 contracts in 2015.

- Technician in Consumer Electronic Equipment. 22,859 contracts in 2015.

Damián Montero

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