Increase the use of spy apps among the youngest

Gender-based violence is a problem that we often see in the actual society. An issue that not only manifests itself through physical attacks, but also through distrust, lack of respect, contempt and other forms that make up psychological aggression.

One of the answers to this problem lies in the education of future generations. However, it seems that young people do not understand violence that is not physical, that is based on distrust and contempt. So they warn him from the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence, organism that warns of the increasing use of spy applications in teenagers to know what use their partners give their smartphones.

Share passwords: love test

This organization warns of the problem that has brought the arrival of smartphones to the lives of adolescents. The component of Privacy that supposes the existence of passwords to accede to these devices is a source of jealousy since in many occasions the fact of not knowing this data causes that the adolescents think that their pairs hide something.

In this way, the fact of sharing passwords with couples among the youngest is seen as a love Test and trusting the other person when in reality what you are doing is giving up a part of the privacy. Other of these "shows of affection" are seen through the adolescents who demand to watch their messages and call history.

Spy apps: increased use among young people

However, this lack of confidence produced by smartphones has taken a step further according to this body. Now many teenagers install spy applications in the mobiles of their partners that send them information in real time about the use they make of their mobile devices. Which means that on many occasions young people encounter recriminations without knowing very well where they come from.

A clear case of violation of privacy from the Observatory against Domestic Violence and Gender assure it grows every day more after seeing the increase of these cases in the courts. Situations where a teenager accuses his ex-partner of having used this application to access intimate information without their consent. The worst of all is that these tools do not leave any trace that tells the victim that they carry it on their smartphone.

The digital aggressions

This organism that although all adolescents reject physical violence, this new modality of digital aggressions it is not conceived as such. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out education work related to the use of new technologies to avoid the expansion of these cases.

The first thing is to explain to teenagers that the mobile phone should be used as tool of communication or web consultation taking advantage of its internet connection advantages. Never as a method to spy on the privacy of your partner, an act that on the other supposes the violation of one of the fundamental rights of each person.

Getting children to make responsible use of their smartphones is one of the missions that parents must assume when to ease One of these devices to your children.

Damián Montero

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