The child is slow to speak well, what can I do

One of the things that most parents lose sleep is that their child develops correctly. Seeing that a child lags behind others is a cause of concern to children progenitors. In this sense, one of the most recurrent themes is the language ability of the little one

Some children take longer than the rest to master the language and know speak well. Why do not you pronounce the words correctly? Do you have any? major problem that prevents you from mastering these skills? These are some of the questions that parents ask in these cases, to give them answers the pediatricians have prepared a guide on how to proceed in these cases.

The child takes time to talk

One of the most common concerns is that the child takes a long time to talk or that when he starts talking, he does not pronounce these words quite well, unlike others under his age. The logopedas warn parents that although there are reasons for concern, at first they should remain calm as not all people develop to the same speed.

It is possible that this child is costing more than the account to gain control of these linguistic skills. In these cases, it is advisable devote time every day to help the little one. A good technique is to sit down with him and read him very slowly so that he assimilates the sounds of each letter and understands the order of the syllables, along with the reading one will have to invite him to reproduce some words.

However, it is also recommended that parents take their children to the speech therapist so that they can decide if there is a problem that explains the speech delay or if the child is simply having a slower development. These are some of the diagnoses that can explain that a minor finds it hard to assimilate the notions of language:

- Specific language disorder. It is a problem that makes the child despite grasping the notions of language, suffers a disorder in his mind either when reproducing the sounds or the order of them. This is the case of dyslexics and stutterers.

- Spectrum disorder autistic. Difficult to establish, it happens in those children who do not develop their language because of a disorder that prevents them from interacting with others. In these cases, it will be necessary to detect whether or not the minor has the facility to play with others and how he behaves with members other than his family.

- Ear problems. This type of problem explains why the child is slow to assimilate the techniques that his parents are teaching him because he does not understand what is being said.


Speech therapy treatments for children who are slow to speak

If it is detected that the child suffers some of these problems that prevent him from speaking well, it will be the speech therapist who must initiate the treatment so that the child learns to articulate words correctly. In the case of hearing problems, the otolaryngologist will be the one who must first correct this issue before beginning with the treatment focused on language.

In the case of autism, the problem is more serious so you have to have patience to try help the child and let the professional act in that sense. The last thing to do is to make the child feel that he is more foolish than the rest, at all times we will have to offer our support and take things slowly, never lose our temper.

On the other hand, in children who develop more slowly, the most advisable thing is never laugh thanks. Many parents see something funny in the fact that your child does not pronounce a letter well, but in these cases all that is achieved is that the child assimilates that he is acting correctly, so that only the problem will be perpetuated. .

Damián Montero

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